“Jaylen Waddle’s acceleration is kind of Tyreek Hill-ish”- Dolphins WR Coach



Jaylen Waddle had a great rookie year in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins

Jaylen Waddle who is the wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins had a great rookie season in the NFL and was praised throughout the year.

"Jaylen Waddle's acceleration is kind of Tyreek Hill-ish"- Dolphins WR Coach 3

He is now considered an important part of the team for the future because of his skills. And also due to his connection with the team’s quarterback Tua.

Tua and Jaylen both came into the NFL from Alabama and have known each other for a long time. This will be beneficial for the Dolphins Franchise as they look to build the team around their quarterback

Jaylen’s gameplay has been praised by many people around the league and the Dolphins WR coach had a few words of appreciation for him, as he said,Jaylen Waddle’s acceleration is kind of Tyreek Hill-ish”, and during the early phase of his career, getting compared to Tyreek Hill who is an absolute monster will bring a huge boost of confidence for Jaylen

Dolphins WR coach was asked about for a Deebo Samuel like role for Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle
"Jaylen Waddle's acceleration is kind of Tyreek Hill-ish"- Dolphins WR Coach 4

The WR coach who was previously with the San Francisco 49ers was asked if we can see Jaylen develop into a role like what Deebo Samuels is doing for the 49ers, to which he replied I think you build around your personnel and you kind of build from there,”

He added, It’s not like we drafted Deebo right off the bat and said, all right, we’re gonna make him a running back. We were going to build him up as a receiver and coach him up as a receiver and then it just kind of happened to start using him at running back a little bit. It’s all about the skill sets of your guys, how comfortable they are, with all those positions.”

He further said, “You can’t sit there and start right off the bat, OK, you’re gonna play receiver and running back your rookie year or anything like that. It’s something that happens over time and you continue to work with guys and prepare them and get them ready and some guys can handle that. Some guys can’t. And Deebo is just one of those special players that can handle it.”

The whole fanbase of the Miami Dolphins is very excited for the future with Jaylen Waddle being their WR1 and his coaches also believe in him which will help in improving his game to a further level only in the future.

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