“It’s going to be close because of Micah Parsons” – Chris Broussard believes the race for the title of NFC East isn’t over with Dak Prescott’s injury


If there is one way Dallas Cowboys could still be in the divisional battle–it is only if they tighten up their defensive end. With Micah Parsons leading the defensive line, especially when Dak Prescott has been missing from the offensive strategies and plays, it seems like many expect the young Lawrence Taylor to carry forward this Cowboys-side with some venom. 

On one hand, where Micah Parsons halted all strategies of Cincinnati Bengals in Week2 of the 2022-23 season. Cowboys’ offense wasn’t at its best yet again. However, with Parsons showcasing just why he can become the face of the league, he ensured he got his team over the victory line. 

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After losing the inaugural matchup against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cowboys even lost their star QB–Dak Prescott. Yet it gave nothing but motivation to Micah Parson to steal the limelight when the odds were set up against his team.  

Chris Broussard roots for Micah Parsons to lead Cowboys in 2022-23 season

Let’s just look about the legendary of Micah Parsons – in the previous showdown, he had sacks on the opening drive of the first and second halves. Parsons was credited with 10 of the Cowboys’ 15 pressures. Interestingly, it was the second time in his career he has had at least 10 pressures in a single showdown.

dallas cowboys owner jerry jones raves about micah parsons
Micah Parsons in action for the Dallas Cowboys.

Only if one is not convinced about the defensive prowess of this Cowboys side, in the two games of the 2022-23 season – Cowboys’ defense has allowed only two combined touchdowns to offenses quarterbacked by (arguable NFL GOAT) Tom Brady and (upcoming QB sensation) Joe Burrow. The last time the Dallas Cowboys gave up just two touchdowns in the first two games was way back in 1996., probably when modern-day fans were not even born to witness it.  

Chris Broussard quoted on First Things First, “If he (Jalen Hurts) is close to Dak Prescott, with the Eagles having better O-Line and wide receivers…and if he is close to that then Philadelphia Eagles should run away with the division. They may win it (division) but it is going to be close and I say that for one reason – Micah Parsons. He looks like the best player in football right now. He’s reminded me of a young Lawrence Taylor…that’s how much havoc he’s wrecking.” 

Could this season be the breakout year for Micah Parsons? Will he be able to lead the Cowboys to back-to-back wins from his defensive abilities? Remains to be seen. 

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