Frank Reich seemed to be stress in the post-New England Patriots’-game interview when he was asked about the planning to go forwards. Awaiting the worst, Reich was fired by the management and was subsequently replaced by Jeff Saturday, who has 0 NFL Coaching experience.

Frank Reich
Frank Reich

The Indianapolis Colts fell to 3-5-1 after their most recent loss. Speaking of his departure, Frank Reich expressed how disappointed and hurt he is after the unfolding of recent events. He revealed how he got a call at ‘about 10:45’ on Monday morning from the owner – Jim Isray, who handed over the unpleasant news.

“It hurts,” Reich told CBS 4 Indy. “It hurts to have it happen in the middle of the season. But I understand the business side of things. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Irsay and I’ve come to trust his instincts and his knowledge of the game. I just know he’s doing what he thinks is best for the team. I can live with that. I gave my heart and soul to the job, to the guys, to everything I did there. I didn’t take anything for granted.”

How was Frank Reich’s tenure as Colts’ Head Coach

The Colts have fallen to a 3-game losing streak, with their offense looking at its worst possible stage against oppositions which are not known for their high pressing. Given that Reich was brough-in to Indianapolis after his heroics with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017, he hasn’t lived up to his hype and stature.

Frank Reich
Frank Reich

His record tally of 40-33-1 during the regular season and 1-2 in the playoffs – depicts just the same. That being said, hopefully we’ll witness Reich bouncing back on the coaching side sooner rather than later. But as he mentioned, such things are beyond anyone’s control.

“You have mixed emotions. You feel like, ‘OK, there were different circumstances and dynamics and challenges that you faced.’ But as a coach and as a player and as a competitor, you say, ‘That doesn’t matter. We’ve still gotta obtain our goals.’ When Mr. Irsay and Chris (Ballard) hired me, I had no misrepresentations. Those were the expectations.”

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