“He’s done too much to suffer”- Ryan Clark urges Tom Brady to retire as the Bucs lose to the Panthers in Week 7


It seems like now the modern-day NFL Fans have witnessed everything…and I literally mean everything! Tom Brady, the 7xSuper Bowl has gone below .500 for the first time in two decades after losing to Carolina Panthers in humiliating fashion. From dropping a simple TD pass on the first drive to being scoreless in the first three quarters, Tampa Bay were beyond abysmal in the 2022-23 season.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Talking about the individual stats, Tom Brady was 32-of-49 passing for 290 yards. While his defense was all over the place with wide open gaps for the third-string Panthers’ QB being allowed to make plays, Brady’s offense never got their game together and only played in a rush after going down 14-0.

Talking about the same former NFL star Ryan Clark did sympathize with Tom Brady and urged the 7xSuper Bowl Champ to hang up his boots. To be precise, Clark advised Brady to just put on a suit and protect his legacy rather than witnessing his team struggle so much against a depleted side, who did not even have plenty of their stars in action in this spoken off Week 7 encounter.

Ryan Clark on Tom Brady

Ryan Clark stated in his latest tweets, “Tom Brady finna be at a wedding every week now. He is not about to be eating wheat grass & avocado, gluten free egg rolls for this… Doesn’t he have a Patrick Mahomes QB deal waiting for him to do TV? Tom better put a Tom Ford suit and sit down… He’s done too much to suffer.”

The Bucs are in dire need to make throw the kitchen sink in acquiring a legitimate offensive star to boost their prowess. Because of things are to go as they are – their picture in the playoffs could be in a spot of bother. Will Brady be able to finally pat himself after turning his life upside down only to play in the current season? Hopefully we’ll find a definite answer in the coming weeks.

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