Aaron Rodgers is heading into Week 10 after a disappointing performance in Week 9 against the Detroit Lions, the worst rated defense in the league. Green Bay Packers managed to score only 9 points as Rodgers threw two interceptions inside the 5-yard line.

Aaron Rodgers 6
Aaron Rodgers

While many are questioning whether or not Aaron Rodgers should’ve returned for the 2022-23 season, after winning his second consecutive MVP accolade.  Fox Sports analyst – Skip Bayless isn’t ruling out the magic of Rodgers. Moreover, Bayless emphasized on how the #1 QB for Packers has always owned Dallas Cowboys, and the Week 10 matchup could be just what he requires to silence his critics.

“This guy is put together very differently than any quarterback ever,” Skip Bayless said on the latest episode of Undisputed. “I’ve been on him from the start: all-time finger-pointing, blame deflector, master media manipulator. … He’s transcendent but as a leader, he’s the opposite of transcendent. He’s transparent is what he is, because he’s a fraud as a leader.”

Skip Bayless not ruling out Aaron Rodgers to resurrect to his best form

Packers are in the midst of their worst season with Rodgers being at the helm. On one hand where A-Rod has been critical of his inexperienced young offensive player, he himself hasn’t played at his usual standards.

The 70-year-old analyst added, “Yet, I get where he’s coming from. I think he’s looking at Sunday’s opponent as the one opponent in the league he has owned psychologically and performance-wise.…he’s 2-0 in the postseason against my Dallas Cowboys, and he’s 7-2 overall, he has annihilated and humiliated us.

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Aaron Rodgers

I think he’s speaking from a position of strength just because he knows that opponent is coming back…I do respect and fear him because he owns the Cowboys.”

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