Tom Brady’s return on the football field, has made fans witness his most vulnerable side. Not only has his Tampa Bay Bucs dropped well below .500, the 7xSuper Bowl has struggled big time, to lead and inspire his team. To make matters worse, there have even been instances where Brady has lost his cool.

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Tom Brady

This has resulted in Skip Bayless reasoning out just why Tom Brady is not at his best, and how he has performed in the first eight weeks of the 2022-23 season.

Skip Bayless quoted on the latest episode of Skip Bayless Show, “His domination comes in preparation. I’ve always called him Psycho Tom, a crazy competitor in his alter ego. It’s reared its ugly head since, I don’t know, his third or fourth year in New England. I love that side of Tom Brady. That’s the side that has rocked. It fueled 10 Super Bowl appearances and seven rings. By the way, two Super Bowls that Brady’s defense cost him. We haven’t seen Psycho Tom, but we’ve seen this new Tom. We’ve seen frustrated. Drained. Distracted. Tom Brady.”

Skip Bayless reasons out why Tom Brady is lacking

The 70-year-old analyst pointed out how injuries to WR – Julio Jones and Chris Godwin are to blame Tom Brady’s unfamiliar string of performances. Furthermore, the absence of Rob Gronkowski can also be a factor.

Julio Jones

Bayless concluded, “Now the Bucs defense is decimated with injuries. The wide receiver corps has been decimated and riddled all season. Tom personally recruited Julio Jones to be his new deep threat. Julio had one flash at Dallas in that opener, that one 48-yard bomb that he caught. And he’s been hurt ever since. There is no Gronk. There’s obviously no more AB. There’s no Gio Bernard, who’s on IR. Chris Godwin still hasn’t regained his burst after ACL reconstruction.”

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