“Dying to go on Pat McAfee to gloat” Shannon Sharpe warns Dallas Cowboys to be aware of Aaron Rodgers on Sunday


Winning back-to-back MVP accolades is never an easy task, especially when one refers to NFL. Yet Aaron Rodgers has been able to achieve it with sheer diligence and dedication. Although he might not be as fast and pacy as the younger Quarterbacks, the Green Bay Packers is still one of the finest QBs ever seen by modern-day football fans.

Aaron Rodgers vs Cowboys
Aaron Rodgers vs Cowboys

When Packers let go off their star Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers was bundled with younger and inexperienced offensive players. Supporting the same, the Green Army has been abysmal in the current season and have gone onto register a five-game losing streak as they would now lock horns against the Cowboys.

Aaron Rodgers 6
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has definitely haunted the Cowboys in the past. He single-handedly ended their Super Bowl aspirations in 2014 and 2016. This resulted in Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless reckoning how deadly a vulnerable Rodgers can be on Sunday.

Shannon Sharpe on Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has stuck it to us game after game after game even when we least expected. Even when we got him with a young Dak and a young Zeke, he came back and you know what he did to us, 34-31,” Skip told Sharpe on the latest episode of the Fox Sports: Undisputed, adding that the veteran Quarterback – Rodgers has just always been sensational against Jerry Jones’ Cowboys.

After hearing this from his co-host, Shannon Sharpe claimed that the reigning MVP is desperately waiting to win this game in order to go back to the Pat McAfee show and gloat, perhaps in a more demanding manner, after a win.

He’ll go to the show with the slick back hair, he’ll probably have a cigar and he’s gonna be like, ‘they wrote me off but I had confidence in me,’” Shannon added.

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