“Coach Bill Belichick is creating a problem”- Shannon Sharpe believes the Patriots HC is making a mistake with the quarterback situation in New England

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick has a situation on his hand with Bailey Zappe, who was initially the third choice QB, looking to replace the starting QB – Mac Jones. After the Patriots were brutally beaten in their latest matchup against the Bears, the Head Coach decided to hand over the baton to the rookie QB.

Patriots Bailey Zappe
Bill Belichick and Bailey Zappe

Initially Bill Belichick claimed that using both the Quarterback was always a part of the plan. But now it looks like the impressive rookie’s presence in the offensive unit is desired more by the fans as well. Those who missed it, the New England Patriots were chanting for Zappe even when Mac Jones was struggling on the field.

Shannon Sharpe quoted on the latest episode of Undisputed, “Now I believe you have a crisis with confidence for both Quarterbacks. Zappe did an unbelievable job replacing Mac Jones when he was injured with a high ankle sprain. I believe Mac Jones probably rushed back because he saw the way Bailey Zappe was playing. But Zappe hour didn’t last very long. As a matter of fact, they didn’t charge cover because they knew it wasn’t going to go very long. “

Shannon Sharpe calls out Bill Belichick for worsening things within Patriots

Mac Jones has missed games due to a high ankle sprain, and that has given Bill Belichick the time to test other QBs in the team as well. Now with Zappe, making use of the opportunity, Sharpe claims how Mac Jones’ confidence would be shaken up after his Head Coach has lost trust in him.

mac ne 2
New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (10) prior to an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

The Hall of Famer turned analyst added, “Now, it’s time to return to the Mac. I think Mac Jones deserves to be the starter. They made it seem like Mac Jones was a bum last year. He did go 10-7. He did take them to the playoffs. He threw 22 TouchDowns. He did go to the Pro Bowl. Does that not matter Coach Belichick?”

Thursday, August 12, 2021: New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones 10 warms up before the NFL, American Football Herren, USA preseason game between the Washington Football Team and the New England Patriots held at Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The Patriots defeat Washington 22-13. /CSM Foxborough USA – ZUMAc04_ 20210812_zaf_c04_110 Copyright: xEricxCanhax

Will we get an official word upon the same by Bill Belichick? Remains to be seen.

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