The San Francisco 49ers are also interested in signing free agent Odell Beckham Jr. as they continue to push for a Super Bowl.

Odell Beckham Jr.
"I wouldn't do it"- Nick Wright doesn't believe Odell Beckham Jr. will sign with the San Francisco 49ers 2

Former Los Angeles Rams receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is a free agent and is on the radar of multiple teams. He has fully recovered from the ACL injury suffered in last season’s Super Bowl and by next week he will be fully cleared to play.

The name of the San Francisco 49ers came up in OBJ’s sweepstakes as the team is going all in to win the Super Bowl this season. However, Nick Wright doesn’t think that the former Rams receiver will sign with the 49ers.

Talking about it, Nick Wright said, “I wouldn’t do it for two reasons. One, the first reason is that I don’t think Odell Beckham Jr. Makes sense as a team’s fifth option. And that’s what he would do. I just don’t think he was the fourth option, he became the second option very quickly.”

He added, “He is not jumping ahead of Deebo, Christian McCaffrey, He’s not. So he is their fifth option. Barring injury. I understand that. But I also don’t like my insurance policy for often-injured players to be another often-injured player.”

Many teams are interested in getting Odell Beckham Jr. to their team but which team he will ultimately decide to sign is still up in the mix for at least a week.

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