“America The Prince has arrived”- Nick Wright hails Trevor Lawrence for the resurgence of the Jaguars



Nick Wright praised Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence for the success of his team this season.

Trevor Lawrence
“America The Prince has arrived”- Nick Wright hails Trevor Lawrence for the resurgence of the Jaguars 2

Trevor Lawrence had a very solid reputation when he joined the NFL. He was the most highly anticipated prospect in a very long time, thus it was surprising when he failed in the NFL during his first season.

However, after the appointment of Doug Pederson as the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach this season, the former Clemson quarterback has excelled. The Jaguars are now the AFC South’s leaders and have a chance to enter the playoffs. Nick Wright also believes Trevor Lawrence is the primary reason for the Jaguars’ success this season.

Speaking about it, Nick Wright said, “The Jaguars are absolutely going to not sneak into the playoffs. They’re going to storm into the playoffs. They are going to host a playoff game and they are going to win that playoff game… And that is because America The Prince has arrived as promised.”

He added, “The 2017 Gatorade national high school player of the year and the 20 college football national champion and 20/21 team all-American should have been Heisman Trophy winner was the next great quarterback in this league. And you all doubted it. And you made fun of him… and now it is undeniable as he takes the sad sack Jaguars to the playoffs to a division title and who continues to be since week nine arguably the best quarterback in the entire league. “

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an excellent opportunity to seal the AFC South next week when they will face the Tennessee Titans. It would be a remarkable achievement if Trevor Lawrence takes the Jaguars to the playoffs this season.

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