Where did Raquel Leviss go to college? Learn about her family background


Learn the answer to Where did Raquel Leviss go to college? Raquel Leviss, a popular reality television personality, beauty pageant contestant, and model, was born on September 12, 1994, in California. Over the years, there has been a significant curiosity among fans about the personal lives of their beloved celebrities, particularly when it comes to Raquel Leviss’ parents. In this article, we will delve into more details about Raquel Leviss’ family and other intriguing aspects of her life.

From a young age, Raquel Leviss displayed a keen interest in pageantry. Her talent and beauty were recognized when she won the coveted title of Miss Sonoma County. Encouraged by her initial success, she went on to compete in prestigious events like Miss California and Miss Malibu USA, showcasing her skills and grace.

Where did Raquel Leviss go to college?

In addition to her pageant accomplishments, Raquel Leviss pursued her academic aspirations and graduated from Sonoma State University in 2015, earning a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. This educational background provided her with a strong foundation for her future endeavors.

Raquel Leviss’ rise to fame took a significant leap when she began dating James Kennedy, an actor known for his role in the popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules. Her appearance in the show’s fifth season, which aired in 2016, further propelled her into the limelight. Since then, she has become a regular presence on the Bravo series, captivating audiences with her charm and captivating personality.

Where did Raquel Leviss go to college? Who are Raquel Leviss’ parents?

Raquel Leviss, known for her appearances on the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules, has been open about her adoption story. In an episode that aired on October 19, 2021, she shared with the audience that she was adopted as an infant. Raquel’s half-sister, Kate, was born first to their biological mother, Susan.

Where did Raquel Leviss go to college?
Where did Raquel Leviss go to college?

Interestingly, fate played a role in Raquel’s adoption story. Susan, Raquel’s biological mother, coincidentally became pregnant again when Raquel’s aunt, Laura, was trying to conceive. In the episode, Raquel revealed that Susan kindly offered to have her as her aunt, resulting in Laura becoming her adoptive mother.

Where did Raquel Leviss go to college?

While Raquel is comfortable sharing her adoption journey, her adoptive parents, Laura and her unidentified father, prefer to maintain their privacy. It is known that Laura works as a home stager, someone who prepares houses for sale, as mentioned in her biography. However, Laura’s Instagram account remains private, indicating her preference for a more private life. Despite the limited information available about her adoptive parents, it is evident that they have played a significant role in shaping the person she has become.

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