Is Raquel Leviss from Vanderpump Rules really pregnant? What is the truth behind the rumours?


This article will explore whether Raquel Leviss from Vanderpump Rules is pregnant and what’s the truth behind this recent buzz and more about her personal life.

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Is Raquel Leviss from Vanderpump Rules really pregnant? What is the truth behind the rumours? 3

Who is Raquel Leviss

Raquel Leviss is a well-known television personality and model who has gained recognition for her appearances on popular reality shows. She first caught the public’s eye with her stunning looks and captivating presence on the hit series Vanderpump Rules. Since then, she has established herself as a talented model and gained a growing fan base both on social media and in the fashion industry.

Leviss is regarded as a rising star in the entertainment industry due to her distinctive sense of style and self-assured demeanour. She was raised in Temecula after being born in California on September 12, 1994. After graduating from California State University, San Marcos with a degree in kinesiology, Leviss made the decision to pursue a career in modelling and television.

Raquel’s Personal Life

She talked openly about her adoption and family history. Raquel made her adoption as a child known in an episode that aired in October 2021.

Raquel’s adoption tale is distinct. Susan gave birth to Kate before Raquel, who is her biological sister. When Susan unintentionally got pregnant with Raquel and her aunt Laura was attempting to become pregnant, Laura accepted Susan’s offer to raise Raquel as her niece. Raquel’s big sister role has since been assumed by Kate, who has grown more involved in Raquel’s life.

Raquel revealed that she also had two half-siblings named Kate and David who were born to Susan before she was adopted in an Instagram post. Raquel sees it as a blessing that she had such loving parents who raised her and encouraged her to pursue her goals.

When Raquel was a teenager, her mother pushed her to push herself and realise her potential by encouraging her to pursue modelling and compete in pageants. She considers her father to be the best parent ever, and he has always been there for her.

Is Raquel Leviss Pregnant

Rumours have circulated about Raquel Leviss potentially being pregnant after she was spotted in a flowy dress on social media. Although she has expressed interest in starting a family, she has not made an official statement regarding any pregnancy. While there are some signs that suggest she may be expecting, such as her recent private behaviour regarding her personal life, there has been no official confirmation of her pregnancy. Therefore, it remains uncertain whether Raquel is indeed pregnant or not, as she and her partner James have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

Raquel Leviss Relationship

Raquel Leviss started dating James Kennedy, a DJ, in 2016 after meeting at a New Year’s Eve party. They got engaged in May 2021 after being together for over five years. Kennedy announced their engagement on Instagram, and Leviss expressed her excitement on her own social media page. However, the couple split less than a year later in December 2021, revealing on Instagram that they had called off the engagement because they had different goals.

Leviss was previously involved with Tom Schwartz, but they maintained a platonic relationship after a brief hookup. In March 2023, it was confirmed that Schwartz had cheated on his partner Ariana Madix with Leviss, making headlines.

Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is a reality TV series that debuted on Bravo in 2013 as the first spin-off from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It has been shown for nine seasons and centres on Lisa Vanderpump and the employees of her West Hollywood, California bars and restaurants, including SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar.

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Due to the show’s success, two spin-offs, Vanderpump Rules After Show and Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, were produced. The show follows the characters as they manage their personal and professional lives in the entertainment industry. The show’s initial focus was on Scheana, a new server, and her interactions with longtime staff members like Kristen, Katie, Tom, Stassi, and Jax.

In the latest episode of “Vanderpump Rules,” tension between Raquel Leviss’ ex-fiancé, James Kennedy, and Ariana Madix builds as they attend Scheana Shay’s surprise bridal shower. Lala Kent asks Kennedy if his girlfriend Ally Lewber isn’t invited to Shay’s wedding because Raquel is a bridesmaid, leading to a discussion about Kennedy’s discomfort around his ex-fiancée.

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