Is Wander Franco dating a minor? What are the allegations against the MLB star?


Wander Franco, a name that resonates throughout the baseball world, has emerged as one of the most promising and talked-about young talents in recent years. Born on March 1, 2001, in Bani, Dominican Republic, Franco’s journey to the Major Leagues is a testament to his remarkable skill set and determination.

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Wander Franco

From a young age, Franco exhibited an exceptional aptitude for the game. His natural athleticism, coupled with his impressive baseball IQ, set him apart from his peers. His ability to switch-hit with ease, along with his defensive versatility, quickly caught the attention of scouts and analysts. As a shortstop, he possessed the range, arm strength, and instincts that belied his age, earning him comparisons to some of the game’s greats.

Full NameWander Samuel Franco
Date of BirthMarch 1, 2001
BirthplaceBani, Dominican Republic
MLB DebutJune 22, 2021 (Tampa Bay Rays)
TeamTampa Bay Rays
Minor League SystemHighly ranked prospect received attention from scouts and analysts
Notable SkillsExceptional bat control and power, defensive versatility, baseball IQ
AccoladesHighly ranked prospects received attention from scouts and analysts
Playing StylePatient hitter, adept at both contact and power hitting, impressive defensive range

Franco’s rise through the minor leagues was nothing short of meteoric. He showcased his prowess at every level, making it evident that he was destined for greatness. His performance in the batter’s box was marked by a unique blend of power, patience, and precision, making him a triple threat capable of hitting for average, power, and driving in runs.

In June 2021, the Tampa Bay Rays, the team that had nurtured his development, finally called Franco up to the big leagues. His debut was met with an outpouring of excitement and anticipation from fans and players alike. True to form, Franco didn’t disappoint. He recorded hits in his first several games, displaying composure beyond his years in high-pressure situations.

Wander had a memorable season in 2022 as he hit his first multi-home run against the Boston Red Sox. He has given his best to the team and won many matches for the team.

Wander Franco

Beyond his on-field prowess, Wander Franco exudes maturity and humility that further endears him to fans and peers. Despite his rapid ascent to stardom, he remains grounded and focused on continuous improvement. His work ethic and commitment to honing his skills have garnered respect from seasoned veterans and coaches, further solidifying his reputation as a future leader in the sport.

Wander Franco’s journey is only beginning as the baseball world eagerly watches his every move. His exceptional talents, combined with his unwavering dedication, paint a picture of a player who has the potential to reshape the landscape of the game. With each swing of the bat and dazzling defensive play, he adds new chapters to his story, captivating baseball enthusiasts and solidifying his status as a generational talent.

Personal Life

In the realm of baseball, the Franco lineage shines brightly. Among them, Wander Franco’s siblings, Wander Alexander Franco and Wander Javier Franco, left their marks within the Houston Astros and San Francisco Giants organizations. This baseball heritage delves deeper as his father, who shares the same name, once pursued a minor league career during the 1990s. The connection to the sport extends further through his mother, Nancy Aybar, a relation to MLB figures Erick Aybar and Willy Aybar.

Another dimension to this story is provided by Franco’s private life. He married his longtime fiancée after the MLB season in 2021 came to a close. The couple’s journey was enhanced by the birth of two sons: Wander Samuel Franco Jr., the eldest, blessed their life in late 2018, and another boy, continuing the heritage, blessed the family in 2022.

Is Wander Franco dating a minor?

The Tampa Bay Rays have placed Wander Franco on the restricted list following allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor, prompting an investigation by Dominican Republic authorities.

Reports of this surfaced on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), leading both MLB and the league to launch their own inquiries. Franco’s absence from the team will extend for a minimum of six games, though the duration might be more prolonged, with his salary guaranteed during this period.

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Wander Franco

But Franco has completely objected to the controversy stated on him and replied ‘They say that I’m in public with a little girl, that I’m running around with a minor. People don’t know what to do with their time. They don’t know what they’re talking about. That’s why I prefer to be on my side & not get involved with anybody.’

The Rays have issued a statement expressing their endorsement of MLB’s investigative measures and opted for silence out of consideration for all involved parties. This absence caused him to miss the recent game against the Guardians.

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