Netflix’s Alexander The Great docudrama 2023: What is the show all about and what do we know so far?


Netflix’s Alexander The Great docudrama 2023: In a brand-new hybrid documentary drama series on Netflix, Alexander the Great’s life will be examined.

The project is described as a “landmark scripted drama-documentary series that reveals the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great in a way never told before – through his radical transformation from warrior prince to living God.” It is anticipated to be a six-episode series with each episode lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Age of Empires IV, Horrible Histories, Saving Venice, and Stolen-Catching the Art Thieves are just a few of the previous Netflix productions produced by Lion Television, which was created by Nick Catliff and Richard Bradley.

The series, which will reportedly join a large number of other hybrid historical docudramas already available on Netflix. Expected to debut there in 2023. The main ones are the Roman Empire, Rise of Empires: Ottoman, and Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan.

Netflix opted not to respond. Hugh Ballantyne (The Investigator: A British Crime Story) is anticipated to helm the series, with Tony Mitchell serving as showrunner. To wrap up in the late spring of 2023, the production started filming in Morocco in September 2022.

Netflix’s Alexander The Great docudrama 2023

A crew of more than 100 individuals has reportedly been filming the hybrid docudrama in Morocco on and off since last summer, according to Deadline.

Netflix’s Alexander The Great docudrama 2023
Netflix’s Alexander The Great docudrama 2023

One of history’s most prolific figures was Alexander the Great. A Macedonian monarch who reigned from 356 BC to 323 BC and succeeded to the throne at the age of 20 after his father’s murder.

Alexander is known for his military triumphs. Which with the defeat of the Persian Empire, the conquest of Egypt, and the extension of his empire to India. He was also a patron of the arts. He is recognized as one of the finest military leaders in history. Also, he is renowned for his strategic thinking and leadership skills.

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