Where Is Allan Gore Now? What He Did After Candy Killed His Wife


Where Is Allan Gore Now? Allan Gore is the ex-husband of the elementary school teacher, Betty Gore. Betty and Allan first became acquainted with one another in Kansas, where Allan was working as a teacher’s assistant. After Betty moved to Texas, they continued their friendship despite the distance between them.

What happened to Allan Gore? What He Did After His Wife Was Killed by Candy

On the surface, their marriage seemed to be a happy one; nevertheless, upon closer inspection, it was found to be plagued by infidelity and boredom.

Despite this, both of them, according to The Cinemaholic, worked hard to keep their marriage together. There is not a lot of information accessible about Allan’s personal life outside of the context of the criminal investigation.


Betty Gore was an elementary school teacher, who was horrifically killed at her house in Wylie, Texas, by her next-door neighbor and closest friend, Candy Montgomery, who was having an affair with the woman’s husband at the time of the murder. The victim was a happy mother of two.

When Gore allegedly struck Montgomery with an ax during an incident that occurred because of the alleged affair, Montgomery said that she was acting in self-defense and that her actions were justified.

Where Is Allan Gore Now?

Betty Gore’s body was discovered on the floor of the utility room at the house she shared with her family in Wylie, Texas, on the evening of June 13, 1980. She had received 41 blows with an axe to the head.

Where Is Allan Gore Now? What He Did After Candy Killed His Wife
Where Is Allan Gore Now? What He Did After Candy Killed His Wife

When the detectives were trying to find out who would have murdered the vivacious mother of two children who didn’t seem to have any enemies, they quickly started to concentrate on Candy Montgomery, who was the woman’s closest friend. The confrontation that ensued when it was found by Gore that her husband, Allan, had been having an affair with Candy, ended up being fatal for both parties.

Candy Montgomery testified in the ensuing high-profile trial that her friend Betty had swung at her with an axe, but that Candy had yanked it out of Betty’s hands and killed her. After grabbing the gun from her pal, Candy Montgomery said she killed Betty.

There were, however, questions that needed answering, such as why Candy Montgomery punched her friend 41 times before she stopped because she was weary if she had acted in self-defense. Montgomery said during her trial that Gore had “shushed” her, triggering flashbacks of her mother’s abuse.

After a strong defense, Montgomery was acquitted of murder charges. She uprooted her life from Texas and transplanted it to Georgia, where she began an equally unexpected new career.

The current Life revolving around Allan Gore

When Betty Gore was murdered in June 1980, both Allan Gore and Candace Montgomery (Candy) were investigated as possible suspects. Gore was even detained. He was not present in Wylie, Texas at the time of the incident, however, since he was on business in St. Paul. When he still hadn’t heard from his wife after several days, he had some neighbors check up on her and discovered her dead.

Gore told the police about his affair with Candy while being questioned, providing a cause for the investigation that led to Candy’s imprisonment. On October 30, 1980, however, a judge sided with Montgomery’s claim of self-defense and declared her not guilty of murder.

Where Is Allan Gore Now? What He Did After Candy Killed His Wife
Where Is Allan Gore Now? What He Did After Candy Killed His Wife

According to The Dallas Morning News(opens in new tab), only a few short months after the Candy Montgomery trial, Allan Gore remarried a lady named Elaine Clift and moved from Wylie with his and Betty’s kids Alisa and Bethany.

After the couple divorced in 1988, Gore’s kids moved home with Betty’s parents, Bertha and Bob Pomeroy. Gore and his daughters seem to have reconciled since they are all friends on Facebook and have spoken openly. Allan Gore is reportedly retired and residing in Sarasota, Florida, as per his Facebook profile. Since 2016, he has been living with a partner at home.

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