Skip Bayless believes that LeBron James wants to stay in Los Angeles, and won’t leave the Lakers to go back to Cleveland.

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"They don't want to go back to Akron or Cleveland" - Skip Bayless shares why LeBron James wants to stay in Los Angeles 4

LeBron James, the star player for the Los Angeles Lakers, is eligible to sign a new 2-year contract deal with the Lakers. It is estimated that he will make about $97 million over the next two years.

LeBron is extremely likely to sign the contract because he enjoys living in Los Angeles. LeBron James is expected to remain, despite the team’s failure to add quality players.

However, there are rumors that LeBron would want to go back home to Cleveland to finish off his career there. The Cavs have a pretty good team and have cap space for the next free agency, which is why LeBron can sign with them.

Skip Bayles, the famous sports analyst, believes that LeBron James is going nowhere. He claimed that LeBron loves living in LA and won’t go back to Cleveland.

Skip Bayless said, “I have told you from the start LeBron James is going nowhere else LeBron James wants to be a Laker till death and the NBA do him part he wants to retire a Los Angeles Laker because he loves living here in Los Angeles in Brentwood in Beverly Hills where I don’t know how many houses he has.”

Skip Bayless firmly believes that LeBron James doesn’t have much leverage anymore

Skip Bayless believes that the Lakers know that LeBron wants to stay in Los Angeles. As a result, the Lakers can take their team, because King James doesn’t have much leverage with him anymore.

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"They don't want to go back to Akron or Cleveland" - Skip Bayless shares why LeBron James wants to stay in Los Angeles 5

Bayless said, “He wants to make this his permanent life long he wants to be in Hollywood he wants to be a Hollywood power broker his family reportedly loves it here you probably hear it directly from them they don’t want to go anywhere else certainly back to Akron or Cleveland.”

He added, “So the point is the Lakers know that there’s no threat here Lebron James for the first time in his career has zero leverage because they know he does not want to leave and I think they are calling his bluff on whether he even would consider going back to Cleveland in a year or two even if there’s a possible connection to play with Bronny when he finally makes it to the NBA and we don’t know how good he’ll be…”

Skip Bayless is certainly right because LeBron is getting success in the business industry due to living in Los Angeles. As a result, going back to Cleveland won’t be a good move for him business-wise.

The Lakers need to bring in good pieces to build around LeBron

The Los Angeles Lakers had a terrible season last year. Many changes are required in the roster, and they are already on it. To convince LeBron to stay, the franchise needs to add some good players, or he might leave for somewhere else.

"They don't want to go back to Akron or Cleveland" - Skip Bayless shares why LeBron James wants to stay in Los Angeles 6

They made the mistake of bringing in Russell Westbrook. As a result, they are already seeking to end their relationship. Westbrook’s departure is all but guaranteed with the constant mention of Kyrie Irving and the Lakers. Westbrook will probably be included in the trade if the Lakers are successful in acquiring Irving.

The length of LeBron James’ contract will also be influenced by how well the Lakers perform commercially. LeBron may go for another team if they are unable to add talent for him. Mainly because he wants to win another title.


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