Shannon Sharpe gave his view on Udonis Haslem returning for another season, and how he had an impact on LeBron James in Miami.

LeBron James and Udonis Haslem.
"Pat Riley has rewarded his loyalty" - Shannon Sharpe reminds fans of big LeBron James decision made possible by Udonis Haslem 2

Udonis Haslem recently announced that he will be returning to the Miami Heat for another season. This is likely to be the last season of his career.

Even though Haslem hasn’t played much on the court for the past few years, his impact is immense on the Miami Heat. He is the leader of that team and has played a huge role on every Miami team.

Haslem also had a huge role in making sure that LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Miami in 2011. Due to that, the franchise was able to win two championships and had a great team.

Recently, Shannon Sharpe highlighted the importance of Udonis Haslem in the franchise. He said,On the Miami Heat, he’s royalty. In Miami, Skip, uh, UD is is that, what he did is that he gave up money to stay in Miami when he could have went to Dallas…”

Sharpe added, “To sign LeBron and Bosh and Pat Riley has rewarded his loyalty. So the OG is going to be in Miami because he’s the part of establishing the culture and he’s not going anywhere.”

This will be a farewell tour for a franchise legend of the Miami Heat. He is likely to stay close with the franchise in a coaching position, as he is important to carrying the Heat culture among the new players.

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