Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving scoring a combined 70+ points is bad news for Brooklyn


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have had a strong start to their individual seasons, but it spells bad news for the collective effort at the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets have not had the best of starts to their season. The Brooklyn based franchise has lost four of their first five games of the season–the most recent of them being an overtime loss to the Dallas Mavericks–a record that usually means that there are no standout performers in the team dragging them on. However, that is not the case with the Nets.

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The talismanic pairing of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have had an incredible start to their seasons. While Durant has racked up 166 points in five games, Irving has racked up 148 in the same period–amounting to a sum of 314 points out of the total 565 points they have scored this season–meaning that the pair contribute to about 55.57% of the total points that the Nets score.

Even in their last game against the Mavericks at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Durant and Irving racked up 37 and 39 points respectively in a losing cause for the Nets. Even though these stats show the high level that their two key offensive players are performing at, it is also very worrying as it shows the non-performance of the non offensive players playing alongside them.

What do these numbers mean for the Nets?

Though the numbers read encouraging for the casual Nets supporter, aim analysis would mean that it shows an overdependence on the pair for their scoring.

Kevin Durant nets
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving scoring a combined 70+ points is bad news for Brooklyn 3

In fact, the Nets are now 1-4 in games where Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have scored a combined 70+ points–showing that even though the pair show up, their supporting cast does not always show up to support them, meaning the Nets often lose games despite their talismanic pair being on their top game.

The Nets will hope to sort their troubles out as soon as possible and win a string of games to get back into form.

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