Worrying Ben Simmons stat after just 3 NBA games shows his struggles with the Nets


Ben Simmons has started the season badly and certain stats are putting his struggles on full display.

Ben Simmons has started the 2022-23 NBA season terribly and certain worrying stats are showing his struggles. Simmons has fouled out in 2 of the 3 games he’s played so far and has recorded very few points. Ben Simmons has recorded 17 points and 14 personal fouls this season.

This is a startling comparison and these Ben Simmons stats are a little alarming. Simmons has struggled to score the ball this season and is looking a little overeager on defense.

This has led to careless fouls and the 2 games in which he’s fouled out. Although these Ben Simmons stats are not the end of the world, it does point to a bigger problem. Simmons fit with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is looking anything but comfortable at the moment.

If Simmons wants to redeem himself, he will have to settle in quickly. He will have to score the ball more and play better defensively. The most important thing for Simmons is to get comfortable and build confidence this season.

Will Ben Simmons be an All-Star this year?

Although possible, it is very unlikely that Ben Simmons is an All-Star this year. That is because Simmons is going to need some time to settle in and will not play at an All-Star level. Also, since Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are likely going to be All-Stars this season, it lowers Simmons’ chances of making it.

Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons

I believe that fans and analysts alike have had unreasonable expectations for Ben Simmons this season. Simmons is coming back from an injury and mental health issues.

This means that he is just getting into his groove and will look better as the season progresses. The ultimate goal is for Ben Simmons to play at an All-Star level but for now, it’s nice to see him playing at all.

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