Why is James Harden not playing for the Philadelphia 76ers – here is everything you should know about it

James Harden has been out with an injury that he suffered on the 3rd of November against the Washington Wizards. Harden suffered a strained tendon in his right foot and was expected to miss a month. This means that Harden should be back around the first week of December.

The 76ers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers recently gave an update on the injury and said that he’s progressing well. Harden should definitely be back by the first week of December if not earlier.

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Why is James Harden not playing for the 76ers? 3

This is some good news for the 76ers as Harden will be an important piece for their championship odds. The 76ers’ perennial MVP candidate Joel Embiid has also recently returned from injury. This means that the 76ers don’t have to worry too much right now but they will want Harden back as soon as possible.

With Harden out, the 76ers will have to heavily rely on Embiid to carry the team to wins. Tyrese Maxey will carry some of the load but Embiid will be the focal point of the offense. This season will be a big one for the 76ers.

Will the Philadelphia 76ers win a Championship this season?

The Philadelphia 76ers are unlikely to win the NBA championship this season. James Harden and Joel Embiid are likely to miss games further in the season and even the playoffs. This will be a serious obstacle to their chances of winning the title.

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In addition to this, the 76ers Head Coach Doc Rivers has been extremely poor in the layoffs recently. Rivers has not coached teams effectively during the playoffs in recent years and the 76ers experienced that last year.

The last problem is that the Eastern Conference is looking very competitive right now. This will make it difficult for the 76ers to progress in the playoffs. Teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics look better equipped to win a title than the 76ers.

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