Who is the fiancee of former NBA star Matt Barnes?


Former NBA Champion turned analyst Matt Barnes has made the headline not because of his antics in the studio or any podcast but because of his heated altercation with his fiancee’s ex-husband who tried to threaten him by ‘hunting him down’ in the San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys game.

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Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes

While the majority of fanatics were not aware of why Matt Barnes spat on Davis Patterson Jr., who reportedly threatened to shoot the former Los Angeles Clippers star, fans are wanting to know all about Anansa Sims, the fiancée of Matt Barnes.

Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes
Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes

Anansa Sims is the child of the first African-American model to appear on the cover of American Vogue, Beverly Johnson, and Danny Sims. To those who are not aware, Sims is known to be the architect behind the American audience getting to know about Bob Marley. However, both Danny and Beverly parted ways after the birth of Anansa.

Know all about Matt Barnes Fiancee – Anansa Sims

It seems like Matt Barnes’ fiancée had closely looked at the life of her mother and eventually decided to pursue a career in the same path. Anansa Sims is also a model. When asked whether her mother encouraged her to get into the industry, Sims revealed Beverly Johnson first wanted her daughter to get her degree. As a result of which, she holds an MBA and has also worked as a financial analyst.

Sims and Matt Barnes, who was left stranded in his love life as his partner previously cheated on him, have reportedly been dating for more than five years. They took a brief break from their relationship in February 2020 but have gone from strength to strength in the years since.

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