Who is the ex-wife of former NBA star Matt Barnes?


Matt Barnes might be head over heels in love with fiancée Anansa Sims but he has always had a dark past in his love life. Being married to Gloria Govan previously, the NBA superstar went through hell as he was left stranded and was cheated on by his ex-wife.

Gloria Govan and ex husband Matt Barnes
Gloria Govan and ex husband Matt Barnes

For those who are not aware of who Gloria Govan is – she is an actress, who made a guest appearance in 2012, playing the character of ‘V’ in ‘Clean Ops the Chronicles of V.’ Govan is not just an actor but also a producer, of all eight episodes of the comedy series ‘Comedy Dynamics.’ But she made her presence felt in media when she appeared in all 14 episodes of Basketball Wives in 2010. In the next two successive years, Gloria Govan, the ex wife of Matt Barnes, featured in 30 episodes of Basketball Wives LA.

However, she met Barnes when she was only 14. Eventually, in 2006, the couple started dating, and Govan gave birth to their twin boys (Carter and Isaiah). This was followed by their stunning marriage in 2012 in front of a large audience.

Matt Barnes and his ex wife Gloria Govan’s relationship

After Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan got married, things went haywire between the pair. From a cheating scandal with Derek Fisher to leaving Matt frustrated before and after the games. In 2018, Derek Fisher and Gloria engaged for good. In 2016 Govan decided to leave Matt and move ahead in life.

Matt Barnes and Gloria Glovan
Matt Barnes and Gloria Glovan

This is just when the 2-17 NBA Champion found Anansa Sims in his life. The couple has dated for more than five years and Sims is now the fiancée of Barnes.

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