Watch: Delivery guy casually walks onto basketball court during live game


While many expect fights, buzzer-beaters, and epic comebacks to be part of everything we have seen in the game of basketball. But just hold onto your hats to know what has just happened. An Uber Eats driver walked straight onto the court during a Loyola Chicago vs Duquesne College basketball game on basketball to make a delivery.

Watch: Delivery guy casually walks onto basketball court during live game 2

If you think that the Uber Easters driver just went inside the arena, then you’re completely wrong. The mentioned delivery guy walked within a foot of Loyola Chicago forward Philip Alston as he was going to shoot the ball.

While Alston took notice of it and passed the ball, it seemed like the Uber Eats delivery guy had no idea what he has done. He kept on walking on the edge of the court, searching whole heartedly for the customer who ordered the food.

Delivery Guy enters Basketball Game

That being said, of course, once the driver had wandered onto the court, everyone had to know how the delivery turned out. Like, did he even find the person who ordered the food?

Did he get a big tip? No one knows for sure, as the TV broadcast spotted him still searching at the Duquesne Dukes’ UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse.

But it just goes onto showcase how one can never seen enough in a basketball game.

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