Truth behind Lebron James’ deformed toes


Over the years several images and videos of LeBron James’ toes have spread across the internet and many people have wondered what the cause of his deformed toes might be

The truth behind NBA star Lebron James’ deformed toes

The condition of LeBron James’ toes is not talked about enough. Several images and videos have popped up on the internet of the worsening condition of James’ toes. Many of these videos speculate about what might have caused the deformity. While most of the foot doctors that have commented on the situation believe that LeBron’s toe deformity is hereditary and comes from his family, a certain group of people believe that it may have been caused by the shoes that he wears.

These people claim that LeBron James’ toes are unhealthy and it’s been caused by the tight and constricting shoes that he wears to play basketball. They claim that these shoes push your feet into a diamond-like shape. In the video above, they go on to suggest wearing basketball shoes only while actually playing and looser shoes can be worn on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this, they have also suggested wearing toe spreaders to help remedy the situation.

YouTuber and Podiatrist Foot Doctor Zach debunks this theory in the video below. He tells everybody why he believes the condition is hereditary and is not caused by the shoes you wear.

In addition to this, Foot Doctor Zach also talks about the risks of surgery. He mentions that LeBron doesn’t have to have surgery if his toes are not causing him any pain or discomfort.

Does LeBron James’ deformed toes affect his play on the basketball court?

No, LeBron James has had this foot deformity for a few years now and it has not affected his play.

LeBron James
LeBron James

In fact, James seems to have gotten used to his deformed toes over time. The 38-year-old has won four NBA Championships so far.

James is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players to have ever graced the sport.

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