NBA Superstar Stephen Curry participated in a training session with young players at his camp while wearing a shirt inspired by his own celebration.

The finals MVP, Steph Curry wore the shirt with his iconic NIGHT NIGHT celebration that got famous during NBA Finals 2022. Finals MVP wore the shirt saying “NIGHT NIGHT” in a training session with youngsters at his camp. 

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Stephen Curry wears ‘NIGHT NIGHT' shirt during training session with youngsters 3

The fans’ reaction to that is also amazing as the shirt reminds everyone of how Steph got the crowd hyped up during the previous NBA season. He played some full-court minutes with the future of basketball and gave them some tips to improve.

How Stephen Curry’s ‘Night Night’ Started?

Curry first celebrated with this act in Game 3 against Denver in the first round of the NBA Playoffs after hitting a layup with under a minute left. The Warriors got a five-point lead and Curry celebrated by putting Nuggets to sleep.

Steph said about the celebration during their win against Luka-led Mavericks in Western Conference Finals 2022, “You can tell how un-choreographed that stuff is“, He added, “I was having fun and you talk about having kids and how bedtime routines are important. It’s the final signal for a job well-done that day.

Curry kept doing this celebration for the rest of the championship rounds and ended up winning the fourth ring for the Warriors.

“Night Night” became an instant classic

The crowd hyping celebration made noises in the sports world and it is not slowing down in near future. The trend is not stopping and many international sports icons already followed GSW star’s style of celebration.

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When questioned how Steph invented this, he replied, ”It happened quick, and it was one of those situation where you were back in the playoff vibe. We had missed it for two years. I was just feeling ample back on the stage.

Barcelona star Dembele and PSG’s Neymar also followed this celebration after scoring goals and made this celebration an instant classic and trend for everyone to follow.

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