Patrick Beverley shuts down Twitter user who claimed NBA star talks too much


Patrick Beverley shut down a Twitter user who claimed that the NBA star talked too much.

Patrick Beverley is widely regarded as one of the best guards there is in the NBA right now. While the guard’s impressive performances for the Minnesota Timberwolves earned him a move to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, he will hope to bring his trademark dogged resilience to the ranks of the Lakers–an attribute that he is known for during all of his career.

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Patrick Beverley shuts down Twitter user who claimed NBA star talks too much 3

While Beverley is known for his resilience and incredible defending ability on the court, he is known for his cutthroat responses to his detractors off the court.

Beverley came up with another straightforward response to a critic when he responded to a Twitter troll in style – and the interaction went viral amongst the NBA community on social media in next to no time at all. The interaction began when a fan replied to a video of Beverley talking about his contribution to the Lakers’ pre-season camp so far.

Replying to the video where Beverley spoke about his team winning a lot in training, the fan commented: The guy loves to talk about himself a lot. Just curious, what did he win that gives him the right to brag so much? Or is he just another example of today’s society?” Beverley’s response was one that got the entirety of social media talking about it.

What did Beverley respond to the Twitter user with?

Beverley took to Twitter to respond to the Twitter user with a straightforward response.

While the Twitter user’s comment gained plenty of interaction as Beverley’s fans piled up on the cynical comment, the NBA veteran himself addressed the comment as he said that he has won every obstacle in life so far.

Pat Bevv
Patrick Beverley shuts down Twitter user who claimed NBA star talks too much 4

Replying to the question about what Beverley has won so far to brag so much, Beverley’s answer was simple as ever: “I won every obstacle in life so far.” The reply went viral on social media platforms, as fans lauded the veteran’s incredible self belief ahead of an important season.

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