The local boy Dejounte Murray appreciated LeBron James for coming to Seattle and playing the game which was later cancelled before half-time.

Dejounte Murray has nothing but high praise for NBA superstar LeBron James as Jamal Crawford’s league witnessed the Lakers star.

LeBron James
LeBron James

Seattle just hosted LeBron James for a CrawsOver Pro Am league game and the hype was real for the same. The no-NBA-team Seattle was so excited for the game but it got cancelled midway due to the condensed court.

Dejounte Praised LeBron

Meanwhile, Dejounte got to learn something from LeBron during the practice session. After the tweet, Hawks fans are also relieved as they are seeing Murray on the positive side of things. He was recently seen beefing with Paolo Bancharo.

Moreover, Murray said the city of Seattle has only love for James. In the words of Dejounte, the kids from the city are adults now and LeBron is still playing at the highest level.

Atlanta guard Murray took to Twitter and Instagram after the game cancellation and posted some pictures while praising the King. He wrote, “Game Got Canceled And We Went To The Grind And You Showed Me Why You Are Where You Are At @KingJames I Appreciate You Big Bro But More So My City Appreciate You Coming To Touch A Bunch Of People From Kids To Adults! The City Of Seattle Will Forever Have Love And Respect For You!

Seattle Witnessed Some High Voltage Drama

The short tenure on the court during the game was full of highlights as LeBron James smashed a couple of dunks and showed why he is known as the king. Tatum and Bron put on a show before the halt.

LeBron James and Jayson Tatum 1 750x393 3
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The crowd of Seattle was all hyped until the uneven conditions resulted in game cancellation. The Celtics star Jayson Tatum was also part of the game.

The fans of Seattle are asking for a rematch or another event where LeBron and other NBA big names can be seen playing.

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