Is LeBron James a cheater? Podcaster Sofia Franklyn claims King James has been unfaithful to his wife


Sofia Franklyn, a well-known podcaster, claims LeBron James cheated on his wife at parties during her latest podcast episode.

The question has become popular now regarding whether LeBron James is a cheater or just a tactic for making her podcast famous.

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Is LeBron James a cheater? Podcaster Sofia Franklyn claims King James has been unfaithful to his wife 4

Although James has been performing at an elite level throughout his 20th season, the team is struggling at the beginning of the season. The struggles King James faces go beyond the court and are not just limited to the basketball court.

Recently, during an episode, podcast sensation Sofia Franklyn alleged Lakers star LeBron James is a cheater. In an episode from her freshly started podcast, she revealed some controversial information and alleged NBA future Hall-of-Famer of infidelity.

Franklyn also called out big names from the entertainment and music industry and alleged them of cheating. She stated once you are famous, you can’t hide things.

LeBron James: a loyal husband or a cheater

NBA superstar James is known as one of the most loyal husbands ever. There has been almost no time when he has not shown his love for his family. There was no exception to this rule at Bronny’s recent birthday party.

After naming Leonardo DiCaprio for cheating, she took James’ name and said during the podcast, “Should I be outing all these people? LeBron James has various parties, constantly, where NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) need to constantly be signed. You didn’t know that LeBron’s a cheater?” She added, “You didn’t know that? You didn’t know LeBron’s a cheater?

LeBron James currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James with his family. (Image: Getty)

Savannah was his high school sweetheart when he was growing up, and the pair have been faithful to each other ever since then. Savannah and James, the parents of three kids are seen together at almost every party since getting married in 2013.

What do fans think about LeBron James’ name in cheating?

The four-time MVP has shown his affection and love for his family now and then on and off the court. Meanwhile, it’s not uncommon for NBA stars to be involved in cheating scandals and affairs because they get so much limelight.

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Is LeBron James a cheater? Podcaster Sofia Franklyn claims King James has been unfaithful to his wife 5

Fans are calling it a publicity stunt after Sofia’s exit from the Barstool’s podcast. She started her own podcast named “Sofia with an F”.

Since James is a family man and is seen at almost all parties with his wife, the chances of his cheating are narrow according to fans. They think she is making things up for her podcast to reach the top.

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