Kevin Durant had high praise for Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James as he called him “a top two, top three” player of all time.

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant showered high praise on injured Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James as the Nets went up against the Lakers on Sunday night. Though LeBron was only on the sidelines owing to a left abductor strain that has seen him miss the last two games for the Lakers, it did not stop Durant from praising him with an incredible compliment after the game.

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Durant and James in action in 2016

Following the game where the Lakers came out on top of the Nets at the Arena in Los Angeles, Durant was asked about his thoughts about him not facing off with LeBron James since Christmas of 2018. Durant went on to say that he had not thought of it until he was reminded, and also described LeBron as one of the two of three best basketball players ever.

Durant said, “I wasn’t thinking about it until y’all started bringing it up, you know, he’s a top-two, top-three player ever. There’s always going to be excitement when he steps out on the floor. We been around for so long that people seen so many battles between us two at the highest stage, you know people look forward to it. I guess it’s cool that we’re still relevant at an old age.”

Who has had the upper hand when Kevin Durant and LeBron James met?

Even though there has not been a game where Durant and LeBron have squared off on the court since December 2018, the pair have met plenty of times before.

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"He’s a top-two, top-three player" - Kevin Durant has high praise for LA Lakers star LeBron James 3

Durant and LeBron have met plenty of times before, in fact the pair have squared off on the court a total of 35 times for their current teams as well as their old franchises.

The Brooklyn Nets star and the Los Angeles Lakers star have gone up against each other for a number of years, with LeBron James having the better head-to-head record in the 35 games played between the two. While LeBron has won 20 of the 35 games with Durant winning 15, Durant does have a better record in the Playoffs as he leads James 9-5 in the postseason.

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