Skip Bayless has shut down trade rumors linking a switch between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis.

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“They are not going to do it” – Skip Bayless shuts down any trade rumor talk of Kevin Durant switching with Anthony Davis 3

Anthony Davis has not had the best of seasons for the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite putting up more than decent numbers in all the games he has played so far this season, Davis has continued to be injury prone and has often been deemed unfit to act as the core of the Lakers’ roster alongside LeBron James – which has coincided with the Lakers’ disastrous start to their season.

The Lakers are currently on a 2-9 streak to start their season and currently live only one place off the bottom of the Western Conference table. Their latest defeat to the Los Angeles Lakers did not just see LeBron James being taken off because of an injury, but it also saw rumors of Anthony Davis being put up for trade only hours after the game at the Arena.

While there have been quite a few names doing the rounds for a switch with Davis at the Lakers, the most recent name that has cropped up is none other than Kevin Durant. The Brooklyn Nets star has begun the season in incredible form and has cropped up as the latest rumored candidate to switch for Davis at the Lakers – however, the deal will not go through as per Skip Bayless.

What did Skip Bayless have to say about the trade deal?

The NBA analyst shut down any trade rumors of Durant switching with Davis.

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“They are not going to do it” – Skip Bayless shuts down any trade rumor talk of Kevin Durant switching with Anthony Davis 4

In the latest episode of Undisputed: Skip and Shannon, Bayless and fellow analyst Shannon Sharpe sat down to discuss the Lakers’ future. While about improving the team keeping in mind that the talismanic LeBron James is not the same physical specimen at 37, Bayless shut down any trade rumors of the Lakers going for the Easy Money Sniper.

We keep talking about trades, but what trade could they make?” asked Bayless. “Unless you get Kevin Durant – but if you watched KD last night, you’d see he is happy now that they have got Jacque Vaughn. KD made a triple double – 29-12-12, and there’s no way they’d trade him straight up for Anthony Davis. They are just not going to do it.”

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