James Harden “excited” as Harden Vol 7 shoes are set to be released


James Harden was excited as his newest pair of shoes are set to be released.

James Harden is widely regarded as one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA right now, as well as one of the best guards of his generation. The Philadelphia 76ers superstar is one of the top overall players in the league, and besides his shooting technique, his dribbling ability, and his deceptive footwork – Harden is also known for plenty of side ventures with his playing career.

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James Harden “excited” as Harden Vol 7 shoes are set to be released 3

The latest side project that Harden has worked on is his newest pair of sneakers in association with Adidas. The athlete who has been sponsored by the Three Stripes since switching from Nike, signed an incredible $200million shoe deal with the sports giants in 2016 and had seen six generations of the shoes out until now – with the Harden Volume 7s set to be released soon.

Harden debuted the Volume 7s while playing with the 76ers this season, and when Slam Kicks posted a tweet saying that “The Harden Vol. 7 boutta make some real noise this season” – Harden was visibly excited as he announced the newest edition of the sneakers on his Twitter. “So excited for these to come out! 💪🏾 @adidasHoops” wrote Harden as a quote tweet.

The Harden 7s are one of Harden’s best yet, as it combines maroon and gold with certain accents on the sides. The 7s are the seventh generation of the sneaker line Harden has released, and it would be fair to say that some of its predecessors are absolute beauties too.

How do the previous six editions line up against the Harden 7s?

The previous six editions are no duds when lined up against its latest successor.

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James Harden “excited” as Harden Vol 7 shoes are set to be released 4

While the first – the Harden 1s – combined red stripes and white accents on a black body, the Harden 2s combined red, black and maroon with a white base. The Harden 3s interpolated similar colours, but the line faced an overhaul when the 4s launched with a new blue colour – which was again changed with the bright red 5s and the off white and sky blue 6s.

Even amongst all the incredible past editions, the 7s stand out by itself – and it will be exciting to see how Harden does on the court with them in his first full season with the 76ers.

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