How many 50 point games has LeBron James had?


During his 20-year NBA career, LeBron James has put up 50 points games in 14 times so far

Over the course of his 20-year NBA career, LeBron James has put up 50 points a total of 14 times. James has been always been a fantastic scorer and has had to carry teams with his scoring. During his first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James was always the main guy and had to carry the team.

This is true even today as LeBron James has to score many points for the Lakers to win games. But in the last 2 or 3 games, James has looked a little slow and hasn’t scored many points.

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This is because James has been struggling with his 3-point shooting this season and is taking too many bad shots. The hope is that James’ 3-point shooting comes around and he gets back to last season’s form. The Lakers will be heavily dependent on James’ scoring to have any success this season.

LeBron James has aged well for a player who depends heavily on athleticism but this season he might slow down. It’ll be interesting to see how LeBron plays in the next few games and whether he’ll correct his shooting issues.

Will LeBron James average more than 25 points per game this season?

LeBron James has this absurd record of averaging 25+ points per game every season after his rookie year. It’ll be interesting to see if James can keep that record alive in his 20th NBA season. Although James is going through a rough patch at the moment, it looks likely that he keeps the record alive.

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LeBron James

It’ll be interesting to see whether LeBron James’ scoring improves and how it affects the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are looking better than when the season began but are still a fringe-playoff team at best. They will have to make some moves to give themselves a fighting chance this season.

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