“Godzilla & Godzeeki” – Fans share hilarious comments as Shaquille O’Neal shares picture with his “twin brother”


Shaq posted a picture on Instagram with a person who looks like he could be Shaquille O’Neal’s brother

Shaquille O’Neal recently posted a picture on Instagram with a person who looked quite like him and was wearing similar clothes. Shaq captioned the post and said that he’d found his twin brother. Actor Guy Torry commented on the picture seemingly naming the pair of men Godzilla and Godzeeki. It’s interesting to see how similar the two men look and how the second man looks like he could be Shaquille O’Neal’s brother.

The Instagram post with Shaquille O’Neal’s brother has more than 100,000 likes, and many fans have commented. The man standing in the picture next to Shaq is Curtis Johnson, he is not related to Shaq in any way. It was a simple coincidence that the two looked similar and wore similar clothes that night. He does look like he could be Shaquille O’Neal’s brother, he’s around the same height and build while also looking a little bit like Shaq.

Several fans even noticed how Curtis is taller than Shaq. One person commented saying that Johnson made Shaq look 6’1 instead of 7’1.

Does Shaquille O’Neal really have a brother?

Shaq does have a brother and two sisters. Shaquille O’Neal’s brother’s name is Jamal O’Neal and his sisters are Lateefah O’Neal and Ayesha Harrison-Jex. Not much is known about Shaq’s siblings other than their names. Shaq depends on his family for their emotional support and is reportedly very close to his siblings.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

More is known about Shaq’s sister Ayesha because of her publicly known battle with cancer. Unfortunately she passed away from the illness in 2019. The news of her death was known across the NBA community with many of Shaq’s friends offering their condolences.

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