Former NBA player makes bizarre mailman and dog comparison over LeBron James’ reaction to missed call


Former NBA player Chandler Parsons made a bizarre mailman and dog comparison over LeBron James’ reaction to a missed call in the infamous LA Lakers v Boston Celtics.

The Los Angeles Lakers have just not been able to get along with NBA officials this season. While there were a number of debatable decisions going against them already before the latest and most infamous one, Saturday’s meeting between the Lakers and rivals Boston Celtics put up the latest in a long list of unjust refereeing decisions that always seem to have gone against them.

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LeBron James reacts to the missed call

With the Lakers leading by three points with four seconds to go, Jaylen Brown made a layup that cut the Lakers’ lead to one. The play still left the Lakers with the ball and the lead – however, in a strange twist, Patrick Beverley was called for one of the latest fouls one will ever see. And just when Brown made the free throw, the Lakers had another opportunity to win the game – denied.

The Lakers drew up a play for LeBron James to attack the rim, and as James got into the paint and put up a layup – Jayson Tatum hit him on the arm. To James’ and the Lakers’ frustration, the referee’s whistle did not go – and the Lakers had lost yet another game courtesy of bad refereeing. The scenes after the Celtics won the game involved a LeBron James reaction that has seen gone viral, as the legend infamously threw a tantrum on the court following the defeat.

While his actions caught plenty of reactions on the internet, former NBA player Chandler Parsons made a bizarre comparison.

What did Chandler Parsons compare LeBron James’ missed call reaction to?

The former NBA player compared LeBron James’ reaction to a hypothetical scenario of having “his dog run over by a mailman.”

Patrick Beverley and LeBron James
Patrick Beverley and LeBron James in conversation with referee Eric Lewis

I could watch my French bulldog get ran over by the mailman right now, and I would not react like that. I swear to God,” Parsons said. “That was one of the crazier reactions.”

However, Pasons nonetheless turned it into a compliment to James, who is this passionate about a regular season outcome in his 20th year in the NBA. “But it’s so impressive that he cares that much on a regular season game that he’s doing that,” Parsons said.

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