“Didn’t know what happened to him”: Donovan Mitchell gets honest on locking horns against Rudy Gobert


Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert caused havoc in the league when the pair shared the court for Utah Jazz. However, the 2022-23 offseason saw them both splitting into different conferences, to different teams. While Mitchell was seen as an offensive beast, Gobert established himself as one of the best modern-day defenders, winning 3 DPOY honors.

Donovan Mitchel
Donovan Mitchell

However, when the Cleveland Cavaliers locked horns with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the former partners-in-crime were once again united on the court, but obviously for their respective teams. Mitchell continued to impress to make his last bid as a serious NBA candidature but sadly his Cavaliers team lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves despite Gobert leaving the game early courtesy of an injury.

So, when Mitchell was asked about his true feeling on locking horns against Gobert for the first time in his NBA career, he responded, “It was quick. I didn’t know what happened to him until we started getting blitzed every possession. Then I realized he wasn’t on the floor. Always good to catch up and see him again.”

Donovan Mitchell on Rudy Gobert

There is no doubt in stating that Rudy Gobert is a defensive juggernaut for whichever team he chooses to represent. Given his height and strength, he could have made more difference for his shorthanded Timberwolves side. On the other hand Mitchell wasn’t at his best as he managed to score only 14 points in a 110-102 loss.

Rudy Gobert

That being said, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert’s partnership will be one of the best ever seen in the modern-day. Although they couldn’t secure a championship both of them have eventually chosen different destinations to finally be able to do so.

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