Did Shaq have a hip replacement? NBA star shares photo after undergoing operation

Shaquille O'Neal

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Did NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq) have hip replacement surgery? Fans ask after the former NBA star shared a photo of himself after undergoing operation.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most popular basketball players of all time, as well as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Even more than a decade after his retirement from a stellar career that saw him win four NBA championships, Shaq manages to stay in the news courtesy of his gig as an analyst for NBA on TNT.

Shaq chair
NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal

However, Shaq is doing the rounds on the internet most recently because of a surgery that saw him on the operation table of late. The beloved player turned analyst is currently recovering after having hip replacement surgery over the weekend. O’Neal, who turned 51 earlier this month, caused a stir on social media when he shared a photo of himself in a hospital bed on Sunday night.

images 2023 03 22T040931.194
Shaq pictured in a hospital bed after undergoing hip replacement surgery recently

The Basketball Hall of Famer used the occasion to send a message to his fellow TNT co-hosts, Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker. “I’m always watching @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace_Parker miss y’all,” O’Neal wrote on Twitter to accompany the picture with.

What did Shaquille O’Neal have to say about his return?

The NBA legend provided a timeline on his return, and also spoke about going on a weight loss journey.

Shaq weight loss
Shaq has lost a lot of weight in recent years

I’ll be back April 16, and I’m going in,” O’Neal recently said on “The Big Podcast with Shaq. “I’m going to try and lose 30 pounds and I’m going to try and get an eight-pack. Right now I got a little five-pack. I’m going to do that for 90 days,” O’Neal said. “I’m about to be shredded.”

O’Neal has been open about his weight loss journey, and revealed last October that he was down 36 pounds. “I was 401 pounds. Now I’m 365,” O’Neal said during an appearance on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast. “I’m trying to take it back to 345. I want to have muscles everywhere, and I want to do an underwear ad with my sons [for] Fruit of the Loom, baby.”

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