Did Matt Barnes actually spit on his fiancee’s ex-husband?


Matt Barnes is not a man who bows down under pressure, and the same was realized by his fiancee’s ex-husband David Patterson Jr. who caught hold of him in the weekend’s contest between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.

Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes

While Patterson yelled Barnes’ name multiple times from the crowd only to make his presence felt, Barnes decided to spit on him after the former got up, close and personal. Barnes claimed that David hasn’t liked how he has got close to his ex-wife and has continuously threatened him.

The former NBA player turned analyst also filed a temporary restraining order against David Patterson Jr., wherein he wrote, “[Davis Patterson Jr.] shoved me, and I was forced to push him off of me. … I did not want the altercation to physically escalate further, and out of frustration with him seeking me out and his unrelenting repeated harassment I spit in his direction in disgust.”

Did Matt Barnes actually spit on David?

According to the filing, Barnes also said Patterson has consistently harassed him because he is “jealous of my relationship with his ex-wife.” In the video, as one might clearly spot Barnes spat on David Patterson Jr. as the victim at least in the video, hasn’t charged Barnes with anything.

Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes
Anansa Sims and Matt Barnes

But safe to say, Matt is head over heels in love with Anansa Sims, his fiancée, and will not back down against any threat.

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