LeBron James has played in more playoff games since his debut than many legendary franchises in the league.

LeBron James is one of the best players to ever play the game. Since his debut in the game, he has been consistent and dominated every team that he played against.

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An interesting stat shows LeBron James has had more playoff appearances than these legendary franchises since his debut 2

His longevity is unmatched, and such a kind of dominance for a prolonged period hasn’t been seen by anyone. He elevates his game to the next level in the playoffs and is a great leader as well.

According to a report, since his debut in the league, LeBron has played more playoff games than many successful franchises in the league.

Since LeBron James made his debut in 2003/2004 season, he has had 266 playoff appearances. This is more than the likes of the Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

All these teams have won the NBA Championship since James made his debut in the league, and have been very successful, Despite that their playoff record is no match for the playoff record of King James. This speaks of the greatness of LeBron James into existence.

LeBron isn’t done yet, and we are likely to see this dominance for more years to come. He is already close to breaking the all-time scoring record set by Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and it would be another great accolade for him.

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