Has Stephen Curry ever been bald? Looking back at the NBA legend’s hairstyles


Has Golden State Warriors and NBA legend Stephen Curry ever been bald?

Stephen Curry is one of the most recognizable and popular players in the NBA, known not just for his remarkable skill on the court but also for his distinctive style off of it. From his sharp suits to his colorful sneakers, Curry has always been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion.

stephen curry getty 061022 ftr
Stephen Curry with a high-top fade in action for the Golden State Warriors

However, one question that fans often wonder is whether or not he has ever been bald. The answer is no, Stephen Curry has never been bald. Throughout his career, he has sported a variety of hairstyles, from short and tidy cuts to longer, more unruly looks, but he has never gone completely bald.

Curry’s most iconic hairstyle is undoubtedly his high-top fade, which he first debuted during his college days at Davidson. The look quickly became his trademark, with fans and fellow players alike trying to replicate the distinctive shape of his hair.

Stephen Curry
Curry with a longer-than-usual hairstyle

What other hairstyles has Stephen Curry tried out?

While the high-top fade is quite easily his most iconic look, Curry has never been afraid to try out other hairstyles.

In recent years, Curry has experimented with other hairstyles, including longer, shaggier cuts that have drawn comparisons to 70s-era rock stars. However, he has never strayed too far from his classic high-top fade, which has become synonymous with his name and his game.

Stephen Curry
Curry with his cornrows in 2020

While Curry has never gone bald, he has been known to mix up his style from time to time. In 2019, he made headlines when he showed up to a game with his hair in cornrows, a departure from his usual high-top fade. The look drew mixed reactions from fans, but it was clear that Curry was not afraid to try something new.

Overall, Curry’s hairstyles have become a significant part of his image and his legacy in the NBA. While he may never go bald, fans can always expect him to be experimenting with new looks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to style and fashion in the world of basketball.

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