Has LeBron James ever featured in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?


Has LeBron James ever featured in the famous NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

The NBA All-Star weekend has been tradition to the NBA for as far back as we can remember. The best players in the league all come together to go up against each other, forming a number of mouthwatering team ups as well as contests that excite the NBA enthusiast more than anything.

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LeBron James in action for the Los Angeles Lakers this season

The NBA All-Star weekend is an incredible occasion simply because it features the biggest stars in the competition all coming together in the same arena at the same time. However, the All-Star weekend does not simply host an All-Star Game – but it also hosts several other contests such as the 3 Point Contest, the Skills Challenge as well as the much-awaited Slam Dunk Contest.

Alongside the All-Star Game at the weekend, Saturday night’s Slam Dunk contest is by far the most anticipated event of the weekend. In truth, that’s been the case for years, with the contest sometimes even overshadowing the game itself. From Michael Jordan to Vince Carter, from Dominique Wilkins to Spud Webb – we have seen some incredible slam dunks over the years.

In light of the approaching Slam Dunk Contest at the weekend, many of the newer fans of the NBA have asked that has LeBron James ever featured in it? It turns out that we do have the answer to that query, as James has famously never taken part in the Slam Dunk Contest.

Why has LeBron James never taken part in the Slam Dunk Contest?

As it turns out, LeBron never took part in the Slam Dunk Contest – and even when he wanted to, he did not end up participating.

LeBron James
James is currently equal with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most All-Star appearances

LeBron James has been selected as an All-Star 19 times, tying with the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in first place. But in all those years, he has never participated in a dunk contest. James is known to have an elite dunking ability, charging down the lane with authority whenever he sees an opening. LeBron is known to show both quality and consistency in his dunks over the years, but has never taken part in a Dunk Contest.

However, he feels that it would have been cool to take part in one as he once admitted: “There was times when I wanted to do it and didn’t do it, and there was times when I didn’t care about it too much. But it definitely would have been pretty cool to do.”

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