“This is the time. Buy low, sell high” – NBA analyst urges Lakers to trade Anthony Davis for Celtics star


NBA analyst Colin Cowherd has urged the Los Angeles Lakers to trade Anthony Davis for a Boston Celtics star to win the NBA Championship.

Anthony Davis in action for the Lakers

Anthony Davis is always in the news or the other. The Los Angeles Lakers star center is one of the best players in the league in his day, however, he has never had a shortage of detractors who have continuously urged the Lakers to trade the center because of his injuries or because of his shooting that often cannot support LeBron James alongside him.

However, despite all the criticism that Davis has received since the start of the season, the center has started the season in a great touch of form. Davis averages 26.2 points, 12.8 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game this season, leading the league in rebounds this year–and even inspiring the struggling Lakers to several wins in the absence of the talismanic LeBron James.

However, even despite his performances this season where he has been the Lakers’ best player by the numbers – many analysts have suggested the Lakers to trade Davis in. The latest of the analysts to rip into Davis has been Colin Cowherd, who urged the Lakers to trade the center.

What did Colin Cowherd have to say about Anthony Davis to the Lakers?

The NBA analyst was speaking on Fox Sports when he suggested the Lakers should look to trade Davis to the Boston Celtics in return for Robert Williams II.

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Robert Williams II in action for the Celtics

Cowherd cited Davis ‘ injury prone nature as a reason for the Lakers to trade him to the Celtics’ in return for Robert Williams II and two more players if the Celtics need to add to the deal.

Are the Lakers close to a championship team?” he asked. “No. They need like three more B+ guys, they gotta get more dudes. And ask yourself a second question, will Anthony Davis remain healthy the rest of the year…you know the answer to that. This is the time. Buy low, sell high.”

Cowherd went on to add to his proposition to the Lakers: “There are a lot of teams out East. And, they’re looking at their roster thinking how do we stop Giannis? Just sayin’, the Celtics get Anthony Davis, the Lakers get Robert Williams, maybe a player. I’m just throwing it out there.”

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