NARAKA BLADEPOINT Lost Treasures Are Back Along With New Cosmetics in Latest Update


The NARAKA BLADEPOINT lost treasures are back and you can now have some new cosmetics. Learn everything about the latest update.

Warriors of The Morus Isle, sharpen your swords and get ready to steal! New content that can be bought has been added to the exciting multiplayer fighting game NARAKA BLADEPOINT with the latest update. This update is good for both experienced players and people who are new to the battlefield. It gives everyone a chance to get desired cosmetics and find old gems.

Sahyol Wei New outfit and style
Sahyol Wei New outfit and style

In case you missed the previous update, we have covered a complete breakdown.

Shayol Wei Outfit Collection: Reborn Weapons and Timeless Style

To make legends, you have to fight, and the Shayol Wei Outfit Collection in NARAKA BLADEPOINT is the best way to show this. The Legendary Longsword is part of this collection. It is a weapon that has been reborn as a hero, full of the strength and toughness of many fights. They will be afraid of you when you wear the Shayol Wei Outfit because it gives you the power of a real winner. To celebrate the update, this collection is now on sale at a big discount, making it a great chance to add to your collection and improve your look.

Akos Hu Outfit Collection: Feline Finesse and Timeless Craftsmanship

The Akos Hu Outfit Collection adds a touch of feline grace to battle for people who like to move around more. The amazing [Timeless Crafts Tiger Tally] is in this collection. It’s a famous outfit for Akos Hu that shows the strength and smarts of a tiger. The outfit is a real collector’s item because it looks like it was carefully made in the past. The Akos Hu Outfit Collection is currently on sale at a lower price, just like the Shayol Wei collection. This means that you can get this amazing outfit without spending a lot of money.

Akos Hu New outfit and style
Akos Hu New outfit and style

Season Treasures Return: A Second Chance at Lost Loot

There are always winds of change in NARAKA BLADEPOINT, and the seasons change all the time. This change, on the other hand, is great news for people who miss things from past seasons. From May 4th to May 8th, some Season Treasures will come back in a big way. This will give players a second chance to get wanted things they might have missed or to start whole new collections. This is a great chance to add to things you already have or find treasures you didn’t know existed. So, get back into the fight, find these secret gems, and add them to your arsenal with the return of Season Treasures!

Beyond the Update

The newest update for NARAKA BLADEPOINT is just one part of the story that this exciting game is still telling. The development team at 24 Entertainment is committed to building a strong community and providing an experience that is always changing. New content, changes to the game’s balance, and fun events are added every time the game is updated. This keeps NARAKA BLADEPOINT fresh and fun for players of all skill levels.

Join the Fray and Experience the Thrill of NARAKA BLADEPOINT

NARAKA BLADEPOINT has the best fighting of any game, no matter how experienced you are or if this is your first time visiting The Morus Isle. Learn how to use different tools, improve your skills, and move up the ranks to become a real legend.

You’ll keep coming back to NARAKA BLADEPOINT because it has a thrilling mix of action and strategy, beautiful graphics, and material that is always changing. Get ready to make your mark on the history of NARAKA BLADEPOINT by putting on your chosen warrior’s gear and sharpening your blade.

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