Naraka Bladepoint Update – What are the best things you need to know about?


The Naraka Bladepoint update is here and there are a ton of new features, bug fixes and patches in this newest update.

Okay, before we start the update notes have a lot of new features that have been shared by the developer and this article discusses the highlights of the patch notes. This article mostly focuses on the new content, major bug fixes, cosmetic upgrades, limited time events and other gameplay adjustments. There are a lot of store discounts available too in this Naraka Bladepoint update.

Naraka Bladepoint Update- New Content

There is a new season being introduced in the game called the Showdown Season 1.5: Turmoil. A new hero is introduced called Wuchen with brand new skills up his sleeve and ultimates. A new boss is also introduced i.e. Korvine so make sure to be aware of him.

A bunch of Souljades and potentials have been added too such as Burn and Soaked effects to debuff enemies and gain a definitive advantage. A new item called the Flux Shard is introduced that can change an attribute to a new and random one. Finally, there are season settlements that can let players earn rewards and gifts based on their performance.

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Naraka Bladepoint Cover

Naraka Bladepoint Update – Limited Time Events

There are 4 different limited time events available in this update. The first one is the Egg Hunt event where players are set to hint easter eggs by completing quests. Easter eggs are used to gain exclusive event rewards. The next event is the Naraka Bladepoint Saga that focuses on the story of Wuchen and can give access to an exclusive avatar.

The Plume of Chaos Event is available for 2 weeks and players can ear Hun Dun feathers during this time which can later be exchanged for super rewards. In simple words, as long as players complete daily quests related to these events, they will earn rewards.

Naraka Bladepoint Update- In Game changes

There are a bunch of in game gameplay balances to stabilize the gameplay. The scouting effects have been buffed to mark 3 nearest enemies and helping players locate enemies easily for a plan of attack.

The maximum health of Heroes has been reduced in the first stage of Heroes Assemble mode. The number of Realm of Yang has been increased from 2 to 3 in both solos and trios modes. There is another round added for Banebreath.

naraka bladepoint update
Naraka Bladepoint Screenshot

Naraka Bladepoint Update- Bug Fixes

There are a few bug fixes that was noticed by the community. Firstly, the problem of the Hammer Evil- Ent that fails to bounce the energy of the Sword after a counter. The height of the locking position of Matron of Yushan has been fixed. The issue of double thundershock of the Omens is fixed. The other bugs fixed was the hairstyle of Valda Cui in battles.

There are many more issues and updates that were addressed in this Naraka Bladepoint update but the main highlights have been addressed in this article.

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Naraka Bladepoint Screenshot

Naraka Bladepoint was a refreshing take on the Battle Royale genre especially due to its blend of melee combat and smooth gameplay.

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When was Naraka Bladepoint Released?

Naraka Bladepoint was released in August of 2021.

What genre is Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka Bladepoint is a battle royale game focused on melee combat.

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