My Hero Ultra Rumble Update – Maintenance Adjustments


the latest changes in the MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE update! Explore new stages, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and character adjustments in the major post-maintenance update.

My Hero Ultra Rumble has a new version out now that includes important updates and intriguing new content. May 22nd, 2024 saw a maintenance that included a number of improvements meant to improve your gaming experience. See what’s new by delving into the specifics!

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My Hero Ultra Rumble Update

New Stage Alert: What’s Different in My Hero Ultra Rumble Update U.S.J. Ver.02?

My Hero Ultra Rumble Update U.S.J. Ver.02 is a delight for fans of the U.S.J. stage. Partial changes to this new version should upend your approach. Moreover, U.S.J. Ver.02 and U.A. Island will now switch every two hours to maintain the gameplay interesting and novel. This choice will not, however, impact Tutorial, Training, or Custom Match modes.

Can New UI Arrows Improve Your Control?

Just got easier to use the control wheel! The upgrade simplifies command execution for players by adding UI arrows to show input directions. Moreover, a new feature allows you to access your power-ups more quickly by opening shortcuts for level-up cards at any moment while using a keyboard.

How Are Settings and Display Tweaks Enhancing Gameplay?

Handy updates have been made to the settings menu. Users of keyboards may now use the wheel to choose “Switch/Hold” and there’s a new way to turn on the display when an ally leads an opponent to “DOWN” or “Guard Break.” With these changes, you should be able to play more fluidly and see hints during heated fights.

Why Is the Entry Cost Discount a Game-Changer in Ranked Matches?

With the new “Entry Cost Discount” function, rising the levels just become a little more satisfying. This benefit gives you reduced entry costs for Ranked Matches when you own particular characters or “Quirk” skill sets at particular rankings. It’s an excellent approach to promote using a variety of characters and to make your ascent more calculated.

What Are the New Rank Tiers in Ranked Matches?

The competitive now includes three additional rank levels: Expert Rank I, Expert Rank II, and Expert Rank III. These levels extend the ranked experience by giving committed players more benchmarks to aim for.

How Are Mission Displays Changing?

Mission displays have been completely redone to improve accessibility and clarity. Updates to the quest will now be highlighted by a new icon on the main menu and the mission screen will appear once a day upon login. To be sure you never miss out on the newest challenges, new missions also have a “NEW” symbol.

Upgrades to the System: Have Defense Buffs and Aim Assist Changed?

My Hero Ultra Rumble Gameplay
My Hero Ultra Rumble Gameplay

Aim assist strength for the STEAM edition has been changed to correspond with other platforms, guaranteeing a uniform experience everywhere. Aside from that, the defensive buff effects now omit damage regions and slide damage, which impacts team members with assault roles, assault ability cards, and particular actions by Mt. Lady and Eijiro Kirishima.

What’s Up with the Safe Area and Damage Adjustments?

Together with adjustments to damage inside damage regions, the period until the safe area shrinks has been changed. All of these adjustments are intended to improve the tempo and strategic complexity of every game, so that every choice and action matters.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Update: Bug Fixes

This update fixes a number of issues. The “Ice Stalagmite” talent of Shoto Todoroki no longer freezes twice, “Structural Slab” of Cementoss functions as intended, and “Recipro Turbo” of Tenya Iida won’t last forever. Other fixes include a number of UI and control-related flaws as well as problems with Shota Aizawa, Ibara Shiozaki, and All Might.

Character Adjustments: Who’s Getting Buffed or Nerfed?

  • Izuku Midoriya: Reduced damage taken during his “Carry to Safety” action.
  • Ochaco Uraraka: Increased attack range for “Home Run Comet” and tweaked “Nebulous Space” for better indoor use.
  • Shoto Todoroki: Longer freeze duration for “Ice Stalagmite” and improved “Scorching Flame Wave.”
  • Tsuyu Asui: Enhanced “Ribbit Swing” for better aiming on the ground.
  • Tomura Shigaraki: Numerous tweaks including damage reduction and range adjustments.
  • Endeavor: Reduced gauge consumption during flight.
  • Mr. Compress: Improved “Magician’s Choice” with a super armor effect.
  • Mt. Lady: Reduced attack range height for “Caldera Stomp.”
  • Denki Kaminari: Adjusted attack effects for “Human Stun Gun.”
  • Momo Yaoyorozu: Tweaks to “Unfalling Castle Wall” and “Bullet Rain” skills.
  • All For One: Faster charging for “Final Blow.”
  • Twice: Increased clone limit for “Mud Imitation.”
  • Himiko Toga: Prevents blood discarding post-transformation.

The My Hero Ultra Rumble Update for character adjustments aims to balance the gameplay. It makes each hero and villain feel more unique and strategically viable.

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