Shaquille O’Neal received some Slovenian hospitality from Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic when the Hall of Fame NBA center visited his birthplace earlier this month.

In the most recent episode of The Big Podcast, Shaq, as DJ Diesel, complimented Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic for getting him a mansion in his native. For Shaquille O’Neal‘s DJ tour in Europe, where Doncic was seen dancing, the two had first met.

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Shaq said, “Greetings to Luka. I was picked up when I got to Luka’s town by a few folks. I was taken by car to a mansion that Luka had prepared for me. There, I ate the pizza. I had the fruit and the hookah. I was escorted to the performance”

The NBA legend then explained how Doncic comforted him, “Shaq, nothing bad will happen to you in my community, Mr. O’Nealovich, Luka then remarked. There, people refer to me by that name. Thanks to Goran Dragic and Luka Dragic for organizing it for me. When I arrived, Luka greeted me and said, ‘We know you’re staying at a hotel, but we want you to stay someplace else.’ It was a four-bedroom home located directly on the water. He was carrying that flowering hookah.”

Shaquille O’Neal then added that Doncic created a new name for him, “‘Shaq, nothing bad is going to happen to you in my town, Mr. O’Nealovich,’ Luka said. They refer to me there as that.”

Goran Dragic from the Chicago Bulls assisted Luka in organizing Shaq’s surprise. Shaq also recalled that he had a great time in Croatia and it was primarily down to the NBA stars from that country.

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