Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide – Skills, Abilities, and Strategy


With the help of the Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide, you will get all the knowledge about the skills, abilities, and the strategy to use it.

The Longsword is an incredibly enjoyable weapon to wield due to its imposing appearance and surprising mobility. Its diverse range of moves and focus on aggressive tactics make it ideal for players who prefer a bold, attack-oriented playstyle. However, with proper timing and precision, it can also be used as a tool for dodging and striking back.

The introduction of silkbinds in “Rise” elevates the weapon’s gameplay to new heights. It has a greater sense of fluidity and unpredictability that is sure to captivate players who enjoy darting around their enemies. The following Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide will help you with lots of information so that you can become stronger.


Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide

When using a Longsword, you’ll observe a new meter located next to your sharpness indicator. This is known as the Spirit Gauge.

The Spirit Gauge will gradually increase as you perform normal strikes. This will fill up the white bar in the center of the sword-shaped meter. This gauge allows you to execute powerful Spirit Blade attacks by pressing ZR/RT. These are distinguished by a trail of light from the sword’s tip. If the gauge is not fully charged, you will be unable to execute a Spirit Blade and continue the Spirit Combo, as well as miss out on the eye-catching glint of light that emanates from the sword’s tip.

Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide: Special Move

One of the unique moves available to you is the Special Sheathe. To execute this move, press ZR/RT + A after an attack. It’s worth mentioning that attempting to start a combo with a Special Sheathe will result in a standard Spirit Blade attack.

The Special Sheathe is characterized by a prolonged animation that ends with a glint of light shining off your sword as it is re-sheathed, offering an opportunity to follow up with another attack. There are two options for follow-up attacks:

  • Press X/Y to perform an Iai Slash, which temporarily increases your Spirit Gauge over time.
  • Press ZR/RT to execute an Iai Spirit Slash, an extremely powerful move that propels you forward.

A helpful tip to keep in mind is that the Special Sheathe can be linked from a Spirit Roundslash, enabling you to quickly get back into a combo without fully re-sheathing your sword.

Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide: Abilities

Airborne and Counterattack Options

You have two choices for aerial attacks in combat: Soaring Kick and Sakura Slash. Both are initiated by pressing ZL + X/Y. Soaring Kick involves a kick off the monster and a leap into the air, followed by a Plunging Thrust. If you have a Spirit Gauge attack buff, you can trade one stack for the more powerful Spirit Helm Breaker. On the other hand, Sakura Slash is a wide double slash that deals multiple hits, great for inflicting status ailments and hitting hard-to-reach parts on large monsters. Using Sakura Slash will also increase your attack buff as if you used Spirit Roundslash. Soaring Kick is ideal for non-elemental builds, while Sakura Slash is a must for status ailment builds.

Serene Pose is a counterattack option activated by pressing ZL + A/B. You’ll be in a defensive stance, surrounded by a web of Wirebug silk. Any attack that enters the web will automatically trigger an avoidance and counterattack. Although this move lasts for a decent amount of time, you will be locked into the animation while it’s active.

Overhead Opener (X/Y)

Step Slash: A quick overhead strike that deals high damage.

Drawn Double Slash: A combination of an overhead strike followed by an upward slash. This move can deflect some enemy attacks during the initial frames and can quickly lead into the second attack of a Spirit Blade combo.

The Spirit Combo Finisher (ZR/RT)

Spirit Roundslash: This move flows from the third attack of the Spirit Blade combo and executes faster.

Spirit Reckoning: Originating from the second attack of the Spirit Blade combo, this move deals more damage but is harder to aim accurately.

Monster Hunter Rise Longsword Guide: Strategy

Improve Your Skills in the Training Area

The Training Area, accessible via the small boat in the Buddy Plaza, provides an excellent opportunity to refine your skills with the Longsword. Here, you can practice your combos against a customizable enemy, allowing you to get a better understanding of the Longsword’s moveset and how best to integrate Spirit Blades, Special Sheathes, and Foresight Slashes into your attacks.

Take Advantage of the Training Environment

One of the key benefits of practicing in the Training Area is the ability to focus solely on your technique. Your combos will be displayed on-screen, and you won’t be subject to the distractions that can come with real-world combat. This makes it an ideal space to get a feel for the Spirit Gauge, how quickly it fills up, and how to effectively use the Longsword’s various moves.


Overhead Slash Combo

The Overhead Slash, initiated by pressing Y, serves as an effective starting point for your attacks. However, the Longsword also possesses an infinite combo that can be utilized to your advantage. To activate this combo, simply repeat the Thrust attack (pressing A/B) to seamlessly chain into a series of Thrusts and Rising Slashes. 

This combo proves to be particularly useful in several ways. Firstly, it allows you to quickly fill up your Spirit Gauge. Secondly, it can be effectively utilized against small monsters, dealing a significant amount of damage in short windows of opportunity when facing large monsters.

Spirit Combo: Spirit Roundslash and Attack Buffs

The fourth move in the Spirit Combo is the Spirit Roundslash, followed by sheathing your weapon. With every successful execution of this attack, you receive a stackable attack buff. This buff is displayed through visual cues on both the Spirit Gauge and the Longsword itself, which will glow in varying colors to indicate the number of successful Spirit Roundslash attacks – starting with white, then yellow, and finally red.

It is important to note that both the Spirit Gauge and the attack buff gained through the Spirit Roundslash will gradually decrease over time. To maintain maximum damage output, you must balance between filling up your Spirit Gauge with regular attacks and spending it on Spirit Blade strikes, ensuring that your buff remains at the red level.

Evasion Techniques: Fade Slash and Foresight Slash

In combat, you have two moves that are best utilized for evading an opponent’s attacks rather than attacking.

  • Fade Slash: To perform this move, press X/Y + A/B simultaneously. It allows you to attack while retreating backwards.
  • Foresight Slash: To execute this move, press ZR/RT + A/B at the same time. If you successfully dodge an opponent’s attack with this technique, you can immediately follow up with a Spirit Roundslash. However, it’s worth noting that using Foresight Slash will consume your Spirit Gauge.

In case you find that the Foresight Slash has taken you farther from your target than desired, you can chain it into a Special Sheathe and then use the Iai Slash to launch yourself forward without sacrificing attack momentum.

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