Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures – Schedule, Rewards, and more



The Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures event features some exciting mini-games. Scroll down to find the best rewards that you can earn.

Monopoly GO is an exciting board game for Android and iOS. The goal is all about becoming a billionaire by earning money. The huge board will be placed and you have to roll your dice and try out your luck. Accumulating cash is easy, but you have to avoid paying taxes often. You can loot and steal from other tycoons, complete bank heists and earn cash, and focus on expanding your landmarks.

The makers of Monopoly GO frequently launch tournaments and events for all regions. The latest tournament is the Egyptian Treasures and it’s live globally. This limited-time event features lots of mini-games and activities for tycoons. You can steal plenty of money and resources from billionaires across the world. The Bank Heist will be frequently available as well.

With cash and tokens, you will be able to take part in challenges. The Egyptian Treasures event is exciting and you can unlock new skins, shields, pickaxes and hammers along with tokens. Here’s more about the Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures event rewards, activities and requirements.

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Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures Event Guide

Before joining the Egyptian Treasures event, ensure you have enough tokens in your bag. As there are lots of puzzles and activities, you have to own many tokens. There are 16 milestones with different goals. Each task is different and has a time limit.

Complete basic challenges and earn pickaxe tokens. The pickaxe tokens will be your major currency for this tournament. Use your tools and dig up artifacts. As you keep digging up these artifacts, the puzzles will complete and new milestones will unlock.

The major events during the Egyptian Treasures are Quick Wins and Tax Refunds. These have plenty of bonus goals like stealing cash, completing bank heist and capturing landmarks. Complete every objective and earn your rewards.

Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures – All Rewards

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Cash rewards

Completing milestones helps you rake in tons of rewards. Here are the major rewards for the Egyptian Treasures event,

  • Golden Blue Sticker Pack
  • Pink Vault
  • Blue Vault
  • Dice Rolls
  • Gold Safe
  • Shields
  • Shield Skins
  • Orange Sticker Pack
  • Green Vault

Complete tasks and mini-games to earn these exclusive rewards. Acquire shields and pickaxes to enhance your builds. Through this event, your networth in Monopoly Go will be doubled.

Monopoly Go Egyptian treasures

That’s everything you need to know about the Monopoly Go Egyptian Treasures event challenges and rewards. We will come back with more Monopoly GO guides soon.

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Is Monopoly Go Free?

Monopoly Go is a free-to-play board game for Android and iOS. A game where you have to use your skills and cash to become the richest person in New York City. You have to roll dice and start collecting cash. There’s a mini game called the Bank Heist and this lets you accumulate unlimited cash. You will get 30 rolls every time and it will reset frequently. Overall, Monopoly Go is an exciting board game for mobile.

Is Monopoly Go Good?

Monopoly Go is a top-rated board game with unprecedented features. The game is all about rolling dice and accumulating cash. You have to roll dice and land on the right spots. Avoid standing in jail and tax stops as it will reduce your cash. Complete bank heists and attack other tycoons to earn cash. This will help you purchase all essential resources and new landmarks in your city.

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