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Check our Modern Warfare 3 Gun Tier List to discover the best weapons in the game. Also, uncover the top-tier guns that you should be using for combat.

Modern Warfare 3, the first-person shooter game, has been launched again. The rebooted MW3 is a sequel to Modern Warfare II. The plot is set in the modern world and your major task is to avert the third world war. You have to join as one of the members of Task Force 141 in a quest to defeat the Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov. You can pick weapons and shields along with abilities to fight against AI enemies. Follow these tips to kickstart your campaign.

MW3 has a single-player campaign that includes linear and open combat missions. The game has a multiplayer feature as well. Modern Warfare 3 combat has stealth elements and ambush tactics. You can equip explosive weapons, guns, and gear items for combat. There are some fiery meta guns for every class. So, find the best weapons from our Modern Warfare 3 Gun tier list.

Modern Warfare 3 Gun Tier List

Modern Warfare 3 Gun Tier List
  • S Tier – These guns have excellent firing rate and DPS will be higher. It works in range and unleashes heavy attacks. S Tier guns have the best attachments and loadouts.
  • A Tier – The weapons in this category have high accuracy, dps and the reload time is minimum. These guns have a plethora of loadouts. With the best ammunition, muzzle and laser, you can’t miss out on these incredible weapons.
  • B Tier – B Tier weapons are good for damage. They lack meta guns, yet the accuracy and dps have been good. You can pick these guns for small challenges.
  • C Tier – These guns are weak and only have minimum rounds. The accuracy is poor and dps is not great. So, you can skip these weapons.
Tier Guns
SRiveter, DG-58, Striker
AHolger 556, MCW, Renetti
BLongbow, KV Inhibitor
CHolger 26, BAS-B

Best Guns to Use in Modern Warfare 3 Classic

Meta guns are always handy. Modern Warfare 3 has only limited meta weapons. Here are the top 3 guns to use in MW3,

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Riveter is a fully automatic shotgun that can be unlocked from the Armory after reaching level 25. The gun fires 15 bullets and the ammunition storage is at 45 including reserve. Riveter is an incredible weapon for both short-range and long-range. The best loadouts for the Riveter gun are,

  • Laser – SL Razorhawk Laser Light
  • Muzzle – DR-77 Ironhead Brake
  • Underbarrel – Chewk Angled Grip
  • Ammunition – 410 Gauge


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Modern Warfare 3 Gun Tier List - All Guns Ranked 4

The Striker is one of the best SMGs to use. This semi-automatic weapon has excellent damage stats and control. The rate of fire is 350 on average and the ammunition supports 12 rounds. Striker has a high recoil rate and the reload time is 1.05s. You can unlock the gun at level 34 in the game’s multiplayer mode. You can use these loadouts,

  • Barrel – Striker Recon Long Barrel
  • Optic – Slate Reflector 
  • Muzzle – Colossus Suppressor

Holger 556

The Assault Rifle has high accuracy and works from long-range. It deals lethal damage and can fire shells every second. Holger 556 is obtained at level 37 in the game and will be one of the best weapons. It can be your best starting weapon and here are the recommended attachments,

  • Optic – Slate Reflector
  • Stock – RB  Addle Assault Stock 
  • Muzzle – FJX Fulcrum Pro


Can you Survive in the Zombies Mode of Modern Warfare 3?

The Modern Warfare 3 rebooted version has new maps and modes. The gameplay has been changed and you can team up with other players as well. Fighting against hordes of zombies on new zombie maps becomes easier with the multiplayer mode. You can use meta guns and shields to destroy enemies. The zombie map has some intense PvP battles in an open world. This is also one of the best survival mode maps in the game.

Is Striker a Good Weapon to Use in Modern Warfare 3?

Striker is a menacing submachine game. It’s a top-rated weapon in the new Modern Warfare 3 and has the best loadouts. The accuracy and firing rate make this one of the best starting weapons in the game.

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