Fernando Tatis Jr. is excited to see Juan Soto getting traded to the San Diego Padres on the trade deadline day.

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"It's crazy, It's going to be fun": Fernando Tatis Jr. is excited to have his childhood friend Juan Soto on his team 4

The San Diego Padres have acquired Juan Soto from the Washington Nationals. In what is one of the biggest trades in baseball history, the Padres have got their man, and have bolstered their squad.

They gave up a lot to get Soto, but when a player of his caliber is available on the market, you have to go all in. That’s what the Padres did and left no stones unturned to get Soto to San Diego.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPNThe San Diego Padres are finalizing a deal to acquire superstar outfielder Juan Soto from Washington, sources tell ESPN. One of the biggest deals in baseball history goes down, and it sends the 23-year-old to SD, where he will team with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado.

Fernando Tatis Jr. who is one of the best players in baseball is excited to see his childhood friend Juan Soto on his team. He was very happy after knowing that he and Soto will be playing together for years to come.

Fernando Tatis Jr. said, “My boy my hometown boy. I mean I played together since we were 15-16, and now we’re in the same team it’s crazy, it’s going to be fun. I feel like we’re going to put up a show and it’s going to be really fun to watch.”

Fernando Tatis Jr. revealed he had texted a bit with Juan Soto ahead of the deal

Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto are good friends. When the rumors started there was common sense that Tatis might be in contact with Soto since they grew up together.

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"It's crazy, It's going to be fun": Fernando Tatis Jr. is excited to have his childhood friend Juan Soto on his team 5

Tatis talked about the situation and said, “Yeah we text a little bit it was a fun conversation, and uh I just I just gonna say it’s really hyped to be over her it’s crazy but I don’t I don’t want to get too hype and you know and break put it up there but you know.”

Tatis was later asked if he thinks the Padres are capable of winning the world series. He was confident in his team but didn’t want to get ahead of himself as there is still a long way to go.

Fernando Tatis Jr. said, “I feel like every guy that is in this lineman and it’s in this lineup and that is going to be in this lineup I feel like they’re going to put something special out there and we’re definitely going to do the work we have the talent we definitely have the talent and uh we have the team to do it now it’s up to us to put the work out there and make it happen.”

The San Diego Padres are in a good position to contend for the World Series title this season

The Padres made some excellent trades before the deadline. Among the famous participants that showed there were Juan Soto, Josh Bell, and Josh Hader. All three of these guys have made the Padres a significantly better team than they were before.

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"It's crazy, It's going to be fun": Fernando Tatis Jr. is excited to have his childhood friend Juan Soto on his team 6

On their team, every gap has been filled. The likelihood of this team winning the World Series is increased by all the additions that they have made. Props to G.M. AJ Peller who has done a fantastic job.

The trio of Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and Fernando Tatis Jr. will be very dangerous. It will be exciting to watch this team for years to come since the Padres are a tough opponent for any pitching staff.

The Padres will probably be a wildcard team because they have little chance of overtaking the Dodgers this season. But anyone they play in the playoffs understands it won’t be simple for them.

To win the World Series, the San Diego Padres have gone all in. They have all the resources needed to succeed, making them one of the most fascinating teams to follow in the future.

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