Maya Higa quits Twitch after Mizkif and CrazySlick controversy


Amidst the ongoing whirlwind of Twitch controversies, Maya Higa quits Twitch, according to her Twitlonger. This came following her Twitter post explaining her involvement in the Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick controversy.

The ItsSliker gambling controversy gave rise to a bunch of different controversies in the Twitch streaming universe. Several streamers have been called out for their actions over the years. Amidst the entire controversy, TrainwrecksTV accused Mizkif and Maya Higa of helping CrazySlick hide his alleged sexual assault of Adrianah Lee.

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Mizkif had already spoken up about the issue and apologized for his error in judgment. However, Maya Higa had remained silent so far. However, she recently broke her silence with a Twitlonger, and announced that she would be taking some time off from streaming on Twitch.

Maya Higa quits Twitch amidst Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick controversy

Maya Higa’s involvement in the Adrianah Lee-CrazySlick controversy started when TrainwrecksTV took to Twitter to accuse Mizkif and Higa of helping CrazySlick cover up his sexual assault. Higa, who had been silent about the matter so far, opened up about her involvement in a Twitter post yesterday.

Higa stated that she had only shared her thoughts based on the information that had been provided to her by Lee on the day. Furthermore, she reiterated that she did not ask Lee to hide her sexual assault.

I did not cover up sexual assault. This would not be possible as even Adrianah did not consider the incident to be sexual assault until this past Monday (09/19/2022), as she said on her stream. Adrianah’s feelings regarding the situation have rightfully changed since that day and I support her.

However, she accepted that she was at fault to have placed herself in a situation where it was not required. She claimed to understand that there was an obvious power dynamic at play since she is a bigger streamer than Adrianah Lee. Higa also confirmed that she has apologized to Adrianah Lee in private.

Maya Higa quits Twitch
Maya and Mizkif face the heat of the CrazySlick Adrianah Lee controversy

I fully understand that it was wrong, given my position, to insert myself into that situation. I apologize for the power dynamic and the harm it might have caused. It was irresponsible for me to not remove myself from the situation and I take full accountability for making this mistake. I am deeply disappointed in my judgment and choices and I am deeply sorry to Adrianah for my involvement.

Finally, Higa announced that in light of these events, she would take an indefinite break from streaming on Twitch. She thanked her fans for their support and even claimed that she understood if some fans could no longer support her.

For those of you who are still willing to support my platform, thank you. For those of you unwilling, I understand. I am stepping away from my online platforms indefinitely. I’m sorry.

So far, she has not announced when she will return to streaming on Twitch.

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